Deepika's histrionic guru!

Farah Khan picked up an acting guru to hone Deepika's skills.

Deepika Padukone stole the scene with her act in the first half of  'Om Shanti Om and wasn't bad in her second birth too!The reason for the same is that director Farah Khan picked up an acting guru to hone Deepika's skills. The man behind Deepika Padukone's histrionics in the film is Vinod Tharani who has trained Deepika for nearly a year on acting, and is the power behind her command over Hindi.

"There is a  lot to be taught. We need command over the language, good diction and pronounciation, the need to be observant, the conviction on emotional portrayal, and the ability to pick up emotional graphs and give the right expressions. There is also the need to understand characterization, portraying speech pattern, dialogue delivery, scene conflict understanding to follow the mood, memory power, and for  actors to become more real and natural," says the 29-year-old guru, who is also behind Jacqline Fernandes of 'Alladin', Miss India Earth Pooja Chitgopekar, Femina runner-up Tanya Vakil among others.

No wonder, Deepika delivered her scenes in OSO with all that histrionic guru gyaan!

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Farah Khan

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