Deepika to call off her wedding due to dowry demands in 'Dhhai Kilo Prem'?

The show tackles another MAJOR issue...


Sandiip Sikcand's Dhhai Kilo Prem starring Anjali Anand and Meherzan Mazda deals with an unconventional subject pretty well.   

And finally, Deepika and Piyush's wedding festivities took off and how! 

The makers are paying attention to every detail including the pre-wedding ceremony and all the naach-gaana for double entertainment. But looks like luck is favoring Piyush as we hear that Deepika will call off the wedding following the dowry demands. 

Dhhai Kilo Prem is an out an out progressive show that has struck a chord with the audiences for reasons more than one. With an obese female protagonist who's confident in her own skin recently delivered a heart touching monologue on things every fat girl has to hear. Deepika is a brave girl who doesn't care about 'log kya kahenge'

Talking about Deepika opting out of the wedding, apparently, Piyush's family, right before the wedding, made an extravagant demand in the pretext of dowry. Deepika on learning about it has decided to call off the wedding. 

Only time will tell if Piyush can have his way out at the wedding or Deepika will give in?


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Az07 3 years ago Anjali Anand is awesome as Dipika Dev Mishra in Dhai Kilo Prem. What makes her stand out is her confidence & straightforward attitude. She is not ashamed or underconfident about herself due to her appearance instead she frankly admits that she has no problem with her looks & a person shouldn't be underestimated by there looks talent doesn't lies in one's look
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