Damini Anand suffers injuries..

Damini Anand who essays the role of Cherry in Maayka, met with an accident that left her with a sprained hand and a blood clot under her eye...

Damini Anand who plays Cherry in Zee's Maayka suffered injuries three days back when her car rammed into a stationary bus..

The actor had an early pack-up on the day as she had to again get back to shoot the same evening. "As we were driving thro' Yari Road to reach my house which was just five minutes away, a bus stopped before us at the bus stop. My driver, instead of putting a brake went and rammed into the bus at full speed. I was in the back seat, and unfortunately, had not put my seat belts on. My face and entire body hit against the front seat, and I was in real pain. Since I was wearing my spectacles, I suffered a blood clot under my eye. My right hand got sprained and swollen too", states Damini.

"I resumed my shoot the very next day, but my unit was so co-operative that they wrapped up my schedule early, so that I could go home and rest. I am much better now, by the grace of God", concludes the actress.

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Damini Anand

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she is not related to mayank anand (aka dr rahul of dmg) but in real life, she is aanchal anand''s (siddi of har ghar kuch kehta hai...) sister

15 years ago

well thats why everyone tells others wear seatbelt

15 years ago

oo... soo sorry.. chery desrves it but damini doesnt..

btw is she related to mayank anand???plz me me the answer!!

15 years ago

oh yeah what happened to the driver!
anyways get well soon

15 years ago

Cherry ... deserved it !..in MAAYKA XD
Get well soon!

15 years ago

ha haha lolzzz driver ka kya hua?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

15 years ago

Poor sweety, hope she gets well soon, wish her a speedy recovery :)

15 years ago

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