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Damadamm - Movie Review

Damadamm Review - Unintentionally Funny!

Published: Friday,Oct 28, 2011 16:32 PM GMT-06:00
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Damadamm Review - Unintentionally Funny!

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Some people just don't budge, do they?! For instance, we have the veteran Mr. Dev Anand who yet chooses to make films and cast himself in it, in spite of all the criticism and ridicule it receives from the audience. One such other personality is none other than our nasal voice king - Himesh Reshammiya. After receiving a great amount of flak for his inability to act in films like Aap Ka Suroor, Karzzz, Radio and Kajraa Re, Himesh Reshammiya is once again back with Damadamm. And he's not just the actor - he's also the producer, music director as well as lyricist. Phew! Will this film prove to be any different for Himesh Reshammiya's acting career?
Sameer's life is perfect, but for his over-possessive and constantly nagging girl-friend. To add to it, he now has great friendship with his boss' sister. How will he manage the two, and come out with flying colours in this test of true love, while balancing his professional life perfectly well is the story of Damadamm.
Frankly, Damadamm as a story is not as terrible the viewers might be expecting it to be. It's definitely nothing extra-ordinary; Damadamm has a very simple story. And that's what works for the film to an extent, its simplicity. Also, how much ever one might criticize Himesh's 'nasal' singing, the fact that his 'nasal' music has always proved to be a major hit with the audience can't be denied. 'Umrao Jaan' has already become an instant success. But then other major factors do overtake these few plus points of Damadamm. Firstly, the film is way too predictable. You could literally be writing the script on the spot in the theatre, and it would definitely be nearly exact same. Also the list of endless songs is just too tiresome for the audience. The songs seem completely forced just for the heck of some 'Himesh' moments. And lastly, the biggest problem of Damadamm is expectedly the lead actor himself - Himesh Reshammiya. Let's face it, if Himesh will always be criticized for his work. No one takes Himesh Reshammiya seriously as an actor, and that's a major drawback. In fact, his expressions are amusing enough to crack up the audiences (unintentionally of course).
Direction by Sapna Waghmare is appropriate to the script. It follows a very simple flow which is very easy on the eyes and soothing to witness. Cinematography by Oystein Lundstorm is nothing extra-ordinary. The Screenplay by Subrat Sinha could definitely be worked upon majorly, considering the film's predictable atrribute. Moving on to the performances, Himesh Reshammiya has definitely improved compared to his expressionless acting in his previous films. However, most of his expressions can be termed as the 'money expressions' considering he keeps making weird faces in the attempt to act. Purbi Joshi is the best part of the film. You literally hate her in the first half of the film, and only a very talented actor can bring that out in the audience. She steals the show completely. Sonal Sehgal is easy on the eyes and looks beautiful. However, her role doesn't really require her to contribute much in the acting department. Rajesh Khattar is decent in his bit.
Overall, Damadamm has no 'dum'. Watch it only if you're in the mood of having a great laugh 'at' Himesh Reshammiya' s acting attempt (once again) along with your friends.


Rating: ** (2 stars out of 5)

Author: Rishitu Amarnani

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