Cuteness Alert: Karan Mehra & Nisha Rawal share the FIRST image of their Baby Boy!

And, it Awwdorable!


June 14th marked a very special day for the duo Karan Mehra and Nisha Rawal. The two stepped into the phase of parenthood officially as their baby boy, Kavish was born.

On the night of 14th, the happy pair took to Instagram to give us the first glimpse of their kiddo.
And, yesterday, something similar happened as we were presented with the first ever picture of baby boy Kavish. We have to say it, he looks like a baby which has been brought right out of all those cute baby posters.

Look at him for yourself:
Doesn't he look like the most adorable newborn? We wish both the mommy and the baby a healthy life ahead. And of course, hugs and kisses for Kavish!


Nisha Rawal Karan Mehra

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jasmeet92 3 years ago Dhoom is one of the best movie and Aamir Khan's double role is amazing and Katrina Kaif looking stunning in the movie.
Ashraf908 5 years ago I dont know whether Ojas Joshi have some cover of the songs of this movie or not. But he is great .
Jin. 6 years ago I' m glad and very very happy that I didn't read this review first.. Orelse my 150 rs of ticket and 230 rs of refreshments value would have wasted..

Rename this as spoilers instead of review.

And yes, why weren't good points highlighted.

New bollycurry team is disappointing.
Nish_arshi 6 years ago I knew u ppl wud write a short summary of the movie instead of giving a review...thats why I read the comments first...I m glad I didnt read the review coz judging by the comments u clearly disclosed the story.
pallavi25 6 years ago Great job giving away the secret of the movie! Should have been titled SPOILER ALERT! This is not fair to the people who have not watched it yet!
ChickenSoup 6 years ago Katrina was the only fail in the movie. The rest of them were perfect.
..Bournville.. 6 years ago why did you have to disclose the suspense and story -_-
..Scarlett.. 6 years ago Aamir proves again he is d real King, AAMIR KHAN,THE BEST
flirtatious. 6 years ago Why, like seriously, WHY would you ruin the suspense!! People see a review to see how the movie is, not to have the WHOLE suspense and plot line spoiled.
ArHiLover-x 6 years ago I personally loved this movie. Aamir, Abhisheik, Katrina were all amazing. The stunts/action was cool, even for me, who is not fond of action. It was funny in some parts, emotional in others. Overall, I loved this film. But this is purely my own opinion and everyone is different. However, I would recommend it nonetheless!
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