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'Criticisms are part & parcel of the medium' - Tina

Tina Kuwajerwala on the criticisms she has received as co-host of Nach Baliye 3..

Published: Sunday,Dec 09, 2007 15:01 PM GMT-07:00
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- Tina & Husein walked home with accolades, applause and the Winner's trophy for their brilliant performances in Nach Baliye 2!

- The winning jodi was called onto host the 3rd season of the show. While Husein continued to impress with his hosting skills, his better half - Tina, received a lacklustre response from viewers.

In a candid conversation, Tina spoke to Telly Buzz about the criticisms she has been receiving, how she deals with it and her quest to improve.. Read on to find out more..

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For starters, there were rumours of you not continuing to host Nach Baliye. How & why did the rumours start?

The rumours started with me opting out of hosting the result episode. The main reason was - we shoot on the same day; it was too time-consuming, as it not just required make-up and outfit changes, but also script-reading which is almost 14-15 pages. Memorising the entire script takes a while and its never easy. Due to all this, earlier, shooting would wind up only at 3am! So you can imagine how it must be when we're on sets from around 8am to 3am; it gets very tiring for everyone, including judges & the jodi's. And so, only to save up on time, it was a mutual decision that I opted out of co-hosting the elimination episode with Husein.

You've been receiving a lot of flak with regard to your hosting skills. Your take on the criticisms..

Criticisms are part and parcel of the medium. Moreover, people who criticise might not really know what goes on behind the scenes, or the hard work and effort that goes into hosting a show as big as Nach Baliye.

I keep getting messages; I've had people come up to me and tell me about where and how I'm going wrong. I too am very critical about myself, and keep observing, and consciously make an effort to correct myself where I think I've gone wrong. I take criticisms in my stride; take it positively, but somewhere I feel the criticisms became too harsh. I'd just begun and comparisons with Mini Mathur and Mona Singh & even Husein, were unfair. Mini has almost 7-8 years of experience and Mona, being an actress knows the medium better and also can memorise scripts quicker, whereas it takes me a while to get into the groove of things. But I'm getting there; I do think I've improved over the weeks.

Your portion in the green room has come in for a lot of criticism..

I personally feel the essence of the green room is lost. If the green room is only about giving out the scores, that can be done on stage as well. But fact is, a lot of interaction happens in the green room which, unfortunately, is edited out and all you see are the scores.

Most parts of the green room are edited due to time constraints; they can't edit judges' comments or Husein's interaction with the judges' and jodi's, so whats left is my portion in the green room. Just for the record, green room part is a tough job. After watching the performances, the judges comments' to the jodi's, I need to quickly come up with different questions for them, react to their reactions and a lot more.. Personally, I love to interact with people & make new friends. I'm friendly and close to all the jodi's..there is a bond we share over a period of time that we've been together. In the green room, I'd had a fun segment with Pooja-Hanif; there was a time when Vikas-Amita started crying and so much more..but all was edited. At the end, it looks as if someone has come to my house, i'm not greeting them and straight ask them to have food..

Other criticisms you've had to deal with..

I've had people tell me about my voice..that it seems like I'm yelling into the mic; like a shriek and that I tend to speak a bit fast. Just that my voice is very soft and so, when i tend to speak a bit louder, it sounds like yelling. I too have noticed this, realise it and am trying my best to modulate my voice accordingly so that it does not sound like I'm yelling into the mic.

All said & done, I understand one can't make everyone happy. On my part, I don't take anything for granted, work hard, learn from my mistakes and give in my 100% to anything & everything I do. I just hope people's first impressions are not their last impressions.

Hard work pays.. or so they say. And criticisms, if taken positively, eventually bear good results. As a contestant, Tina has gone through the experience with Nach Baliye 2! As a host, the saga continues and we hope it bears the same results! And final impressions will be everlasting.. All the Best to Tina for all her future endeavours..

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Desi rani
Desi rani 15 years ago she is performing better day by day..
& thats nice she is working harder and accepting criticisms :)
Best Ov Luck 2 tINa!
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Deepthi10 15 years ago xactly.
y is every1 doin this.
shes new 2 tht world, she deserves time 2 do all these stuff.
tina dont let criticism affect u.
u rok like always
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Rah_HuJu 15 years ago It's so great that she's admitting criticism is a part of life....she's already improved remarkably since the 1st eppy & am sure, by the time NB3 ends, she'll be like the best of hosts!!
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fly2me 15 years ago Tina is doing a great job! hats off for that!
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sumonetolub 15 years ago she has shown remarkable improvement.....her hardwork really shows and she seems to be a fast learner....props to her for taking criticism in the right way though i too agree that some people took their negative comments too far by disguising it as constructive glad shes proving people that think she cant host wrong:)....naina
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Fazila~ 15 years ago Tina... hang on there... noone is perfect girlllll.........
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amz1990 15 years ago oh she is cute man
thanxz for the article
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MrsKaranGrover 15 years ago Tina ur doing a gr8 job..keep it up sweetie!..we are all with u!:D
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maha786 15 years ago This content is hidden.
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buchuni 15 years ago thnx 4d da intv...Tina di,we all r wid u..u rock.
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