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Critical Review of Reality Shows this week!

The reality shows this week provided us everything that's needed to make them a blockbuster hits. From singing to drama, from performance to perseverance, from break dance to strip dance and ofcourse added to it was the suspense.

Published: Monday,Jul 23, 2007 10:30 AM GMT-06:00
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Critical Review of Reality Shows this week!
Reality Singing Shows has definitely taken a centre stage in all the three channels and it has become a mission for these Channels to keep trying something innovative to draw the viewers' attention. Earlier the drama was the fights between judges but this week it was Salman-Govinda PARTNERship that wooed the audience.
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Critical Review of Reality Shows this week!
“Male Dominant Judges Panel” continued their onslaught on Alka for making a wrong choice yet again. Alka wanted to hear participants Sumitra, Irfan and Priyani once again but the other 4 judges objected to it and surprisingly all four likes Sumitra singing style. Priyani it seems is controversies favorite child and has to bear the brunt of Alka’s criticism. Although Priyani and Sumitra’s performance was average this week but they had MALE judges support which will definitely steer them to the next level. This has enraged Alka so much that she plans to quit the show sometime soon. One wonders whether it is her oversees commitment that has instigated such high level of drama. Similarly, in SaReGaMaPa female participants Mauli and Sumitra are hot favorite of the judges and even with some average singing we will definitely see them in Finals.

Critical Review of Reality Shows this week!
While the Judges hype the girl contestants in SRGMP and SVOI, but the public is hardly giving any support to the girls in Indian Idol. Week after week Indian Idol is loosing female participants and even in this episode only girls were in bottom 3. If this pattern continues then Alisha’s hope of making a girl an Indian Idol this year will remain a distant dream. But, on the whole Indian Idol has some really brilliant performaces especially by the wild card participants Amit Paul and Ankita. Govinda was at its best and grove some steps when Ankita or Anky Baby sang a song.

Critical Review of Reality Shows this week!
The celebrity judge at SaReGaMaPa Mr Tyrant oops I mean Salman Khan and mademoiselle Lara Dutt brought an extra zing in the performances of the contestant. From dancing to stripping clothes to some positive encouragement Salman Khan truly gauged all the attention whereas Lara “Aunty” was reduced to giving marks to the participants. While participants enjoyed the mentors truly suffered as Salman was bulling them with his sarcastic rumor and his favorite one seems to be Himesh. From criticizing Himesh’s style of singing to his clothes, Salman truly took the role of Big Bully in the show and all the judges were too scared to miff the actors. Himesh gave full marks to almost all the participants whereas Bappi Da followed Salman’s rating blindly and asked his shishyas to butter Salman all the way, which the actor truly enjoys The Indian Hip-Hop guru Bappi Da has now found his own desi Shakira and Britney Spears in Mauli and Sumedha respectively. Wonder who should be more upset with this comparison.

In all this week, the reality show was truly musical with some great performance by the participants barring few. Female Participants enjoyed more support from the judges but less from the viewers. I am still wondering that when the judges uses the phrase – “Original se bhi accha gaaya” do they actually mean it and if yes then hopefully we see these participants getting songs to sing in future rather than false promises and praises.

Author: Barnali

P.S. The opinions expressed in here is strictly those of the author. So for more information please contact the author only.
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Tooba fiaz @tumhari? 16 years ago i agree 100% i dont know why no vote for the indian idol girls they are really deserving.and salman was the best.
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urber @urber 16 years ago srgmp was fun this week.. salman & lara were gr8!!
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palchin @taintedangel 16 years ago mauli really deserved all 30 points and sumitra can't really sing mauli is better sumitra maybe pretty but she is not good at singing but without a doubt they both will be in the finals I will be surprised if sumitra wins the competeion sense she is the judges fav.
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SonPan @SonPan 16 years ago Saregamapa was awesome!!!! lol Lara Aunti!!! Adi is too cute!!!
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Sonal @swt.smileee 16 years ago ya..i noe...it hurts...loosing girl in II every week..:(
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*Jaya* @*Jaya* 16 years ago Sumitra may not have lived up to the promise she showed in the first song, but she is still much better a singer than Mauli... It will not be fair to compare them.
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yougander @yougander 16 years ago ankita is an born talent she is gifted wth loads of talent she really rox .the show is an incomplete wthout ankita mishra

ankita mishra rox
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Iqra @Mrs.SalmanKhan 16 years ago Thanks!
salman lukkz damn cute<3; and Amit...uski toh jitni tareef karo utnee hee kam hei :p [lol did i make sense ]
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kggk_fan01 @kggk_fan01 16 years ago for some reason I can only see the 1st pic.

I was quite disappointed in the II3 results
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