Contest of the Week-

We are here again for the contest crazy readers on Valentine's Day! To celebrate this day.. in IF Ishtyle!! Are you ready...

Hello and Welcome friends with another week of fun and frolic here on Telly Buzz at the Contest Corner!! Once again, we are back with a bang with ..New contest..!!! So, it's time to test your brain cells as well Heart !! However, before we proceed to this week's puzzle, lets applaud the last week's Contest Winners. We are really thankful to all the readers for the overwhelming response,we received more than 156 entries, !

Answers of Last week contest was :

Kajjal : "Except this show ,all the shows have taken a Leap while Kajjal was based on Re-Birth" and another Point we've taken in account "Except Kajjal all the shows are still running!"

Note: We've not taken the time as a point of difference, we'd clearly stated in the contest itself except the timings!

and the Winners are:-

naturelover, arwax ,KENTASH,abhilashasharma,talkativetaurus

Congratulations to the Winners!!

Here you have to Match the pictures of column (A) to the pictures of column (B) ,pictures are related in both the columns with each other, in some way or the other,you have to crack the code!
your entries to buzzingbees

Please do not Post your answers here , pm them at the Given Id

Concept and Author: Nishtha

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Comments (17)

okkay den......go himesh i guess
not much of his fan wen it comes to acting, though some of his music's real nice!!

16 years ago

erm..if that's him in the pics...well it doesn't even look like him...

16 years ago

LOL! I only know 3 of them-Abhi&Sam, Armaan&Riddz, and Sagar&Vidya

16 years ago

the only couple I know is Abhimanyu Sameera lolz

16 years ago

have no clue who the last 3 couples are :(

16 years ago

Tough one.I too don't know half the couples.

16 years ago

Will try, but I don't know half the couples!

16 years ago

cant participate cus i only know 2 of the couples:S please post answers forsure wen contest is done

16 years ago

awwww AR on there too! ... by the way, the columns are a bit wonky,,, please fix soon,,, im getting all conphoosed here! :S

16 years ago

i cant see the armaan and ridx pic and they are my fav :( ........

16 years ago

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