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Contest of the Week: Test Your BollyQ!

BollyCurry is back again with a brand new contest to get your brain cells up and running!

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BollyCurry is back again with a brand new contest to get your brain cells up and running!
What we require of you for this contest is very simple. We will provide you with various sources to certain movies: five are dialogues and the other five are pictures. All you have to do is guess the name of each movie in the comments below! Next week, we'll post the correct answers along with a lucky winners name and their prize.
Try your hand at it and discover your BollywoodQ!
1) "Dosti ka ek usool hai madam: no sorry, no thank you."
3) "Hath chodo mera, ab itni bhi khoobsurat nahi hoon main."
5) "Tension lene ka nahin, dene ka."
7) "Agar tere sar par bomb laga doon toh pehle kaun phatega, tu ya tera sar?"

9) "Love marriage mein aadmi khud apni marzi se kuaye ke andhar jaata hai ... arranged marriage mein aadmi ka pura khandaan usko kuaye ke andhar dhakel deta hai ... lekin jaata toh kuaye mein hi hai."
We eagerly await your answers to choose the lucky winner next month! Till then, have fun and good luck with the Q's!
Writer: Alina S.
Editor(s): Harjot D. and Hershi J.
Graphics: Virina R.
Do you have a suggestion or comment for BollyCurry? Drop us a PM at BC_Dropbox today.

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