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Conjoined twins AmberDhara in a legal battle

Should Dhara be punished for the murder committed by Amber? Monday to Thursday, 9.30 p.m On Sony Entertainment Television


The conjoined twins AmberDhara who won the hearts of the viewers for their grit, determination and fortitude to live life like all the other young people their age have got themselves in to a huge controversy.

Amber has been framed for the murder of Kamini, the mother of Akshat, who has been the childhood friend and buddy to AmberDhara. While Amber, who also loves Akshat would never do something like this, murder; she has been framed and arrested for the murder. While it is now a murder case and the girls are in the custody, the question that really bothers all is 'Should innocent Dhara be also punished for a crime she has not committed?'

There are arguments that go to say that being conjoined, they have to be with each other even in times of crime. But reasoning and understanding the entire issue one realizes that levelheaded Dhara, who has always been a strong force behind sister Amber has to be a part of the punishment. Does Dhara deserve to go through this? Their mother often told them "Jab tak tum saat ho tum khaas ho…" but those strong words seem to boomerang resulting in an entangled and vicious net from where they see no future.

--Is it really a 'curse' to be born as conjoined twins?

--Is it wrong to want to live life like any other youngsters their age?

--Is it wrong to follow your heart & dreams?

Amber is traumatized to think that her sister Dhara is behind bars because of her. Where will the law take this unusual case? AmberDhara requires your support & help. They have been trapped in a situation from where they see no escape… AmberDhara needs your help.


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luv_pavi 12 years ago hmm another twist now we will have to wait nd watchh
illuminated. 12 years ago @Sopna: They are NOT conjoined twins in real life, they go to awrds and different functions in the same get up. But they are NOT conjoined in real life!

Thanks for the article
sopna 12 years ago hi thanks
one ? are they in reality joined together ,cause i saw them in 2-3 pic out side at awards, party and they were joined together so just want to make sure if thet are or not
~*puja*~ 12 years ago Interesting story.... will have to watch to see what happens to AmbarDhara...!
kamlii 12 years ago i think sonia killed her or she paid someone to do it for her
Malajiji 12 years ago She did not commit the crime so why should either one of them is serving time..??
don girls
don girls 12 years ago i don't think that she was the person the did that i think that she being framed and they would go to jail for a little while.... but it sad that dhara should be punished as well she also had the power to stop ambra from doing it

=P think what i think how about you

talkativetaurus 12 years ago i think it is nt amber who killed akshats mom .. it was some1 else frm bhind .. amber only pointed the gun ..
Tabzy 12 years ago oh man...i bet tht kamini is not dead..its all her nd sonia's plan to get becharis AD in trouble
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