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Starts June 4th, Mon-Thurs, 7.30pm only on STAR PLUS

The gorgeous Juhi Parmar and the perennial antakshari host Annu Kapur are back with another season of Antakshari - the musical game show which earlier aired on Star One and now on Star Plus. It’s now in a whole new avatar and promises to be a
lot more swankier than it’s earlier version.

This season will air a kids special, called Colgate Maxfresh Antakshari -The Great Challenge Little Stars and will have kids from all over India representing their respective zones.

The kids are obviously going to have a gala time, and the series will evidently be replete with a lot of pulsating moments, unadulterated fun, glorious successes and heart breaking disappointments.

Produced by the ever evolving music show guru Gajendrra Siingh, the audience can look forward to some great mind tickling musical riddles and adrenaline pumping competition among these little stars who, in the past, have proven their mettle on music based shows more than once.

So watch out for these little singing prodigies on Colgate Maxfresh Antakshari, The Great Challenge Little Stars, Mon-Thurs, starting June 4th, 7.30pm, only on STAR PLUS!
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Juhi Parmar

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anjiraani 2007-08-22T01:29:46Z has its own identity--it should not be referred to as bollywood
mizz_sabah 2007-08-19T13:01:16Z Thanks for the article! Ash looks stunning!
nisha81 2007-08-18T20:37:59Z I don't under stand why all actor and actress come to other county to celebrate I-day. when they don't do it anything in india.
tina_sre 2007-08-18T05:30:57Z Both r luking gr8! just made 4 each other.
sumonetolub 2007-08-18T00:51:55Z thanx........its funny you say that abhi but i think its apt to call it bollywood becuz many movies are copies of hollywood movies.....naina
.Jiya. 2007-06-04T13:28:12Z da kidz has started i watched it but it hasnt started in london i thought it was gr8t juhi loked fab loved evry bit of it mwah babigurl_jiya
*4rom heaven*
*4rom heaven* 2007-06-04T10:59:31Z wow gr8, hope it'll start soon in UK
thanx alot
somia 2007-06-04T10:24:11Z Well first part of Antakshiri ended on with big disappointment and it was full with cheating.
So, I'm gonna stay away from this show.
Anuradha 2007-06-03T08:59:57Z This time its in star plus, so i can watch it :)
*Jaya* 2007-06-03T08:55:41Z Just looking fwd to this show.... Thanks for the article Minnie
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