Clash of Khan's and Khanna's on Meethi Choorii No. 1

Wonder what will happen when Ragini Khanna and Rakshanda Khan are caught in a cat fight over their respective surnames? Well, have a look!!

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Imagine's Meethi Chhoorii No. 1 promises to give the audience a lot of gossip, that is hot and straight from the oven.

We have been hearing a lot about the Battle for Supermacy between the Khans and the Kapoors in Bollywood, but spare a thought if two ladies from the small screen have a fight on their popularity, that too on the basis of their respective surnames?

Well, this is exactly what happened between the sari clad bahus of television, Ragini Khanna and Rakshanda Khan!!

An inside source from the sets tells us, "The two ladies got into a huge cat fight, that too over a mere surname. Rakshanda apparently referred to herself as 'Queen Khan' to which Ragini Khanna tried to outsmart her and curtly replied "If you say that, then I should be called Queen Khanna as I have the additional alphabets N and  A to my surname." Not one to sit quietly and be insulted, Rakshanda snidely remarked "There are only two people who rule in this industry… the Khan's and the Kapoors." Rakshandas 'muh-todh' jawab was enough to keep Ragini's mouth shut and leave her fuming".

This is one such nok-jok that will be seen between two of the celebrity ladies. We now wonder what the other six contestants are up to?

Catch the Clash between the Khan's and Khanna's this weekend on Meethi Choorii No. 1 that launches this Saturday, 14th August at 10 PM on Imagine..

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Lamia17 10 years ago lmao wow, thats quite pathetic. Love both of them though, but thats a pathetic fight
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brainychild92 10 years ago i'm only watching this for jay so w/e! love rakshanda as well as ragini.. but baseless fight
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anu rulz
anu rulz 10 years ago well since the show is ant bitching y blame the gals for doing what they are being paid for..
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mihali7 10 years ago this is a joke i can bet any day!!!!
IF jus took tht cute nook-jok n wants to make it a big deal.
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Sidarth_lover1 10 years ago i dont lke RAK Khan
n btw she dont rule
at least not from Amir, Salman,Fardeen, Imraan side
maybe Shah ruk lol
no offense to anyone
just a joke lol
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rose-girl 10 years ago Ragini plzz dont do this show:(I cant see tht somebody insult u:'(
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-SalShah4eva- 10 years ago ragini u should say there is khaana's too lol
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sidra1993 10 years ago well i totally support ragini..she should have said there is a "khanna" in the industry too. (rajesh/akshay khanna)
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bengali.rani97 10 years ago -gasps-
Seriouslllyyy o.o
I don't think this news is real.. can really trust IF these days
I really don't think they should have a fight over surnames .
Rakshanda Khan is cool, but i love Ragani Khanna <3
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Tani91 10 years ago arrey yaar it wasnt like a full on cat fight..it was just a friendly battle..

I like Rakshu but Ragini is the best!
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