Cinevistaas show not a 'Darr' in making

‘Appearances can be defective’ is what Cinevistaas upcoming show on Sony TV has to convey to the audience...

'Appearances can be defective' is the apt tagline that reflects the basic concept of Cinevistaas upcoming show on Sony TV, tentatively titled 'Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi'.

Producer Siddharth T. Malhotra says, "Tera Mujhse is a story of today's girl who lives in Manali. She has this notion that all is well in her life. But as time passes she realizes that nothing is perfect around her and that all that she feels is good turns out to be bad and vice versa."

Talking about the three principal characters in the show Siddharth said, "Karan Hukku plays the ideal hero a guy capable of winning any girls heart. Janvi Chheda is the bubbly and rooted girl. Kunal Verma is the girl's best friend, her confidant, a guy who can be trusted."

Tera Mujhse Hai Pehle Ka Naata Koi is a love triangle with a thriller element in it.

Refuting reports that the show is similar to the movie Darr, Siddharth told us, "Kunal Verma's role is nowhere like SRK's in Darr. He is not an obsessive lover."

The cast and the crew is busy shooting at Manali as of now. The first 15 episodes of the show will be shot in Manali and the crew will be moving over to Rajasthan for their next outdoor.

The show is expected to launch sometime in October at a prime time daily slot.

Reporter: Srividya Rajesh
Author: Pooja Shenoy


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bollyboi_cows18 10 years ago that guy looks like aladdin! how cool! i bet he has a cute little monkey! i love southern arabia!
dwsc 10 years ago sounds like a good show...waitin...n ya i wont judge da show even before it begins...cant wait...great!!
SourCandyDrop 10 years ago It's going to be a flop show because it's being aired on Sony TV!
LOL this show might have done better in a different production house and a different channel...
PASam 10 years ago good luck but its quite likely youll ruin the show like u did tp DMG so personally i would never watch it..unless of course we're surprised in DMG and AR unite..but CVs have hurt me n a lot of other people and we dont have faith in ur promises anymore.
anjaanichudi 10 years ago Lol u guys r making an other show to ruin it jst like DMG :d
Norz 10 years ago u guys dont know how to win a audience heart useless cvs just useless
chullbulli 10 years ago stalker stalking a married woman who herself is dreaming about her stalker rather than her husband....pukes miserably...don't trust cinevistas at all
ammyridzKAJEN 10 years ago GTH cinevistaas no 1 will ever like ur show!!

ppl dont watch it or they will really mess u up like they did with us!

anjie22 10 years ago NObody will see this horror show in the making after wat u have turned DMG into....
waycool 10 years ago SHOW WILL FLOP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cinevistaas go to hell
Cinevistaas go to hell
Cinevistaas go to hell
Cinevistaas go to hell
Cinevistaas go to hell
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