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Chirag to fool Ishani once again in Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi will soon gear up with high voltage drama where Chirag will once again come back in Ishani's life.

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Balaji Telefilms' popular show Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi on Colors is grabbing many eyeballs with the twists and turns created in the show.

As per the ongoing track Ranvir (Shakti Arora) and Ishani (Radhika Madan) have got married due to some circumstances. Thus the show is currently revolving around Ishani and Ranveer's nok jhok as Ishani is bearing Ranveer just because of her family. In the upcoming episode, the audience will get to see yet another high-voltage drama.

As per our source, "There will be a theft at RV's house of 50 lakhs and that blame will be put on Ishani's brother Sharman. Sharman will accept his crime and swear on Baa by keeping his hand on her head. But Ishani will notice that he has not actually placed hand on Baa's hand and was only pretending. Thus this will make Ishani upset and will go to her room. While she will be trying to figure out why her brother lied, Chirag will enter in Ishani's room. This will make Ishani really angry and will confront him that why he cheated her. He will again fool Ishani that Ranveer created obstacles and stopped him from reaching at the mandap. He will tell Ishani that as Ranveer always loved her and wanted to marry her, played the dirty game."

Will Ishani again fall in Chirag's trap?

To know more keep reading the space.

Neha Jain

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-Ramya- 6 years ago RV keeps getting blame for everything. Chirag keeps fooling Ishani. Ishani gets fooled all the time. Can we now change the scenario a bit?
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simplyme 6 years ago why cant the cvs jst stop their obsession with chirag manipulating ishani!!! that girl is a complete gone case with no brains!!! dammitt i had sooo much expectation from after the leap RV bt CVs jst ruined everything with Ekta's super-duper obsession i.e LOVE-HATE marriage!!!
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--Ariana-- 6 years ago oh come on... do they want to give the award for biggest fool of the year to Ishaani? She should atleast respect her marriage and the fact that Ranveer gave hom to her parents. Afterall what did her own family do to RV's family? Threw them out and insulted them so badly..RV still respects them... Ishaani is a disgusting character...wont be surprised if she cheats on her hubby for this moron
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samicute 6 years ago Seriously?? And this girl Ishaani will surely believe that... Poor Ranveer..why he has to go through such pain?
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MeDHellsAngel 6 years ago Ishani is seriously a big idiot.
Usse smart and beautiful toh ritika hai.
She dont deserve ranveer
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.logs 6 years ago i really have a biiiggg doubt that does ishaani have brains???????????
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gomathi2 6 years ago sure again ishaani believe chirag, poor ranveer, have to face all this problem
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Preternatural 6 years ago Seriously?? And this girl Ishaani will surely believe that... Poor Ranveer..why he has to go through such pain??
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SONAM.M 6 years ago It's a Kekta Mahta show... I did expect crap and stupidity but this is the limit... Whenever i think they can't show a character dumber than this, they always prove me wrong!!!
But as I said this is a Kekta Mata show and the characters are born to marry multiple times... Who knows may be Ishani may marry Chirag and RV marry Hritika...
I am just wondering wheter the rant is even worth it...2014-11-18 12:47:41
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Shas3 6 years ago Ishaani is the biggest idiot I've ever seen on any serial. You know what they say "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me". Ishaani is just a straight up fool. Ranveer is too good for this waste of time girl. Ranveer should stop trying to protect her and let her be with her beloved Chirag. Sometimes you need to be burnt to believe that there is fire.
Ishaani may never understand or love Ranveer if ekta mata sticks to her great gatsby theme.
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