Checkout: Here's how Anjali Anand aka Dipika from 'Dhhai Kilo Prem' looked like when she was THIN!

And she looks just as beautiful as she does today


Actress Anjali Anand aka Dipika from Dhhai Kilo Prem was recently in the news for pulling off a 14 minute monologue in her show and for which she was applauded too.

The actress was absolutely spot on about being fat shamed and the issue in general.

And while the actress faces the issue in reel and real life, we got our hands on an old picture of hers.

And yts a rare image of the actress from her older days and we couldn't recognize her at all-


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--Amulya-- 3 years ago How did she grew so much weight!! Is she facing some health problem. I think its more tormenting for those people who suddenly increase their weight and are body-shamed, she might have been called h*t, s**y in her recent memories.2017-06-19 00:51:33
Az07 3 years ago Anjali Anand is awesome as Dipika Dev Mishra in Dhai Kilo prem. really couldn't recognise her at all. She look more pretty now than b4. I wonder was she a fan of Mishiket Verma or had worked with him? Then in which show NAUC? If so then she knew MM b4?
Piku_S 6 years ago A truly versatile, brilliant actor that graced the silver screen. I loved his performance in Khilona, Maanchali, all the movies with Jaya Badhuri ji and in Naya Din Nayi Raat where he portrayed 9 characters.2013-12-17 00:52:07
pallavi25 6 years ago One of the best and most versatile actors of Indian cinema!2013-12-16 19:38:21
kavmuks 6 years ago Remarkable actor.. natural .. could do Healthy comic and serious roles both at great ease.. I feel in today's time... Boman Irani is doing similar jobs ..
Azor_Ahai 6 years ago the most complete actor which India ever had
simran1285 6 years ago One of the finest actors, I still enjoy his movies though he passed away a year before I born. RIP
lipshaa 6 years ago I love him... he was great actor...
i love his movies but my most fav r Andhi n Angoor...
His movie Angoor is one of da Finest comedy movie ever...,,,
ninag 6 years ago Best actor ever. Looking forward to seeing him in Sholay 3-d next month.
krystel21 6 years ago Truly, one of the finest yesteryear actors!
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