Charlie Ke Chakkar Mein: Movie Review

"Puri ki puri film chodd gaye hai, phir bhi samajh mein nahi aa raha Kahaani kya hai."

Cast: Naseeruddin Shah as Sanket Pujari, Anand Tiwari as Deepak Kumar, Manasi Rachh as Nina, Amit Sial as Sam, Subrat Dutta as Sohail, Disha Aroara as Hera, Auroshikha Dey as Sameera, Sanam Singh as Rahil, Siraj Mustafa as Jabbar, Vikas Anand as Hussaini

Director: Manish Srivastav

Writer: Amit Sial, Manish Srivastav

Story of the film:
The film starts with five people being shot to death. One of them is Hussaini just before that took a delivery of a bag full of 'Charlie' (cocaine). And the rest four are friends Nina, Sam, Jeevan and Paddy. Jeevan who had a dream of becoming a director had the habit of recording on his handy cam. The investigating officers Sameera and Sanket watch tape found at the crime scene. The tape had the footage from last 15 days, where initially the friends were seen doing drugs, partying and sharing great bond with each other. The tape had another friend of them, Deepak who inspired to be an actor. 

Soon all these come to an end when Sam gets into a fight with a guy at the pub and accidently the group ends up killing him. This is when the guy's (Rahil) girl friend reveals that he is from Ashmad Khan's (A big don from Dubai) gang and since Rahil was given a task of transferring Charlie, which should be now completed by them.

Facts about the movie:
The movie was shot in a record time of 19 days and at the real locations. The police station shown in the film is actually Naseeruddin's farmhouse. Crowd in the background are local public unaware of the hidden cameras used. If rumours are to be believed, the cast and crew of the film worked for free.

Movie Review:
The film is split into two equal halves, one being the story of how the crime took place and second investigation about the same. What lead to the murders is actually shown in three different stories and obviously only one being the true, that is the last one.

Well, rightly said by Naseeruddin in the film, "Puri ki puri film chodd gaye hai, phir bhi samajh mein nahi aa raha Kahaani kya hai." I actually had a hard time writing the story of the film. Suspense created and maintained the film was good. However, few twists were the expected ones. 

Though most of the actors are not the big names from the industry, but did full justice to the film. The direction of the film is different from other Bollywood films. But sometimes, camera movie too much might give you a headache.

Rating: **

Final verdict: Not a typical Bollywood movie but a good one time watch, if you really want to go for a film this weekend. 

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