Canadian PM on Dance Premier League!

Sony’s Dance Premier League truly attained international recognition when Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper graced its stage…

Published: Tuesday,Nov 17, 2009 18:07 PM GMT-07:00
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Cineyug and Sony TV's Dance Premier League had some unusual guests gracing the competition.

According to our source, "Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper and his wife Laurien were the VIP guests at Dance Premier League. They sat through an entertaining performance by Howard Rosemeyer's Desi Pardesi team who danced on Banthan  chali."

Adds the source, "After watching the foot-tapping and colorful performance Steven Harper said - Had I been a judge on the show I would have given them a sixer!"

Adds the source, "The Desi Pardesi team has several members who hail from Canada. They were naturally delighted to have the PM and his wife as guests to watch their performance."

Shiamak Dawar was the person to take up the responsibility of being the evening's host. Tells our source, "Shiamak is the one who should be credited for the minister's appearance on the show. Shiamak made sure he was a good host and introduced the first couple of Canada to everyone also including Randhir Kapoor whose family owns the studio."

Shiamak too expresses his happiness with words that go- "Since Dance Premier League's team Desi Pardesi has contestants from Canada, the Canadian Consulate showed interest in visiting the sets. Both Mr. Steven Harper and Mrs. Harper loved their performance and were delighted to have come on Dance Premier League." 

The visiting dignitary is actually on a private vacation to India and dropped in to catch a glimpse of this reality show courtesy Shiamak Davar.

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Saawariya100 13 years ago YAY :) IM CANADIAN
those canadian people are MY FRIENDS and my COUSIN is also on DPL DESI PARDESI!!
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Gur.N.cool 13 years ago wow this is a nice treat for all Canadian, I had never imagined that Harper would come here!!
totally surprised, but I like it, will definitely watch the show for himLOL
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lovely_lady 13 years ago i so agree.
steohan harper is waaaay better then stephan dion..
didnt her retire or something after losing?
anyways, this is awesome news for us Canadians!!!
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anitamalik 13 years ago LOL how cool..thats a nice gesture

Imagine obama coming if americans were a part of it..LOL
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meiskan 13 years ago wtf LOL WHY THE HELL WAS HE THERE LOL.

oh well, thats pretty cool eh ahahaha. he's a jenk weirdo tho in my opinion........i dont like how he talks and all but hes WAY better than stephan dion in my opinion! (stephan dion was the old leader of the liberal party..if ur canadian u'll no what i mean ....:P)
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desi_angel101 13 years ago oh dear godd LOL
yup that's all that was left for harper to do: go bollywood haha
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HotMess 13 years ago wooo!
Mann, I can't even vote yet, but I wonder if he thinks going there will get him desi votes. ;)
LOL. My mom & dad will definitely start liking him now after seeing him on Sony. Haha.
That's quite cool though. :)
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-LilyGurl- 13 years ago Thnxx for the article
I laughed yesterday wen i heard about this sighs politics
ROFL2009-11-17 15:11:54
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cameroon16 13 years ago Well that's all that Harper's good at i guess
BTW what's the point of inviting a politician on a dance show lolz
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shockalot 13 years ago LOL i don't know about voting for him and all that but it IS kinda cool to see our PM with Akshay and now on DPL! I'll definately be catching the episode!

As for Shiamak, i love the guy but you're right, he hardly makes it for the annual summer/winter funks here in toronto or in vancouver!
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