Boogie Woogie clinges to a change

Boogie Woogie after 15 years has picked upon a new production house…

Boogie Woogie, Sony TV's legendary and first ever dance reality show on Indian Television has decided to exhibit a change in its show. Change not on the entertainment or talent quotient that it has been delivering for years now but it's a shift in production house.

From last 15 year the audience has been seeing Javed Jaffrey along with Naved Jaffrey and Ravi Behl, not only as the creator of Boogie Woogie but also as the permanent celebrity judge so, now after spending a glorious journey hereafter the show will move ahead with a new production house with reasons unknown.

Our source informed us that, "the creators of the show have shifted the production house from R & N production to UTV."

When contacted, Ravi Bhel confirmed the news but as he was in between a meeting couldn't add any further.

When contacted, even Ajay Balwankar programing head of Sony TV confirmed the news saying, "Yes its true UTV will be looking after the production part apart from that the entire concept would be retained."

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Pooja Shenoy

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Javed Jaffrey

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ppl watch boogie woogie mainly coz of them!

13 years ago

After Dilip Kumar, Aamir Khan is the only perfectionist Indian film industry has got. I dont like when any xyz comments on his acting skills. Go prove yourself somewhere instead.
Waiting eagerly for his movie.

15 years ago

Surya rocked in Tamil ghajini. It''s a great movie. Eager to see how Amir plays the role. Will watch it.

15 years ago

intersting ........................
waiting to watch this movie!!!!!!!!

15 years ago

can''t wait 2 see this movie!
love the promos and songs!

15 years ago

songs are good ....promos are good.......
the movie will definitely be a super hit.... I am happy that Asin''s role was not minimized(promos suggest that).... People gonna LOVE her in the movie.......

15 years ago

i havent watched the previous ghajini or planning to watch then only after watching''s aamir it does not get spoils for damn sure this movie has to do gr8..............

15 years ago

Ghajini goining to be the biggest blockbuster of 2008.

15 years ago

i think ghajini will be a superhit..and yeah..asin is not playin his wife''s role but his love interest..surya was awesome in the movie.. I''ll always compare it with the tamil movie for sure.. It was the first tamil movie i saw and had loved it to the core.. Only character i dint like in that movie was that of nayantara(jiah khan''s role).. I dont think here she wont be an exception..i wish someone better did her role.. Someone like priyanka chopra..

15 years ago

Havn''t watch the Tamil and English version, so looking forward to watch it, I love Amir''s all movies so far...Hape this will be also good one! Good Luck! Thank you

15 years ago

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