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Bipasha Basu extends an olive branch towards hubby's ex-wife Jennifer Winget?

Who would have thought of this?


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Actors Karan Singh Grover and Bipasha Basu recently completed 1 year of blissful togetherness on the April 30. And looks like Bipasha is already focussing on letting bygones be bygones.

And the same could be proved by this action of Bipasha.

A day after Jennifer Winget rang in her birthday, she urged her fans and followers to distribute the gifts that her fans had purchased for the actress among the needy.

And none other than Bipasha Basu liked that video. See the snapshot of the same below.

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Yes, this did happen.

Does Bipasha want to patch things up with Jennifer Winget?

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Jennifer Winget

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MrDarcyfan 2 years ago Oh Wow! I can't believe this! I commented that the correct expression is "Olive Branch" not "Olive Hand", and someone from I.F actually Corrected it! Lol. Thanks for at least correcting THIS article with the right English I.F, glad to be of assistance!! Until next time!! :)
Ipkpm 2 years ago Wow. People here know about the inside working of tv actors lives. Whether they are flop and how much they earn.
rim683 2 years ago @Nikki02 Bips has million work that jenny? Nice joke, few months ago read that she had to beg salman khan to go to the dabanng tour and somewhere I read that ur grover and cougar bips is trying to find work together but nobody is interested to give them any work, so all they can do is more and more cheap publicity to stay on the news, otherwise she they would've vanish really soon, even SRK or salman khan r not in the news that much for their personal life like the ur grover and cougar bips is in the news fit their personal life, do this just another way to stay on the news and to get some publicity.
MrDarcyfan 2 years ago I really dont like commenting on these types of articles but the insults traded on this page compelled me to speak. I don't think Jennifer needs KSG to be popular, nor does Bipasha need Jennifer to get in the news.They both have careers in different fields, which are not comparable. One does not compare apples with pears. This is not a competition. So fans who are insulting Jennifer and Bipasha are just embarrassing themselves. Please find better hobbies.
Nikki02 2 years ago Lmao winget bips ki jutti ke baraabar famous nahin hai be thankful that she even knows who winget is! Winget continues to enjoy the perk of being associated with KSG! LMAO! IF bips helped ruining KSG and Jenny's home then the gold digger Jenny also helped in ruining KSG and shraddha's home! Hypocrites! No one cares about bips!? LOL! Hahaha she has done a million times more work than ur winget and is a million times more popular! Frikin delusional fandom! And all the other people u mentioned are not on social media! And nor their fandom and PR attention seekers! It is obvious bips came to see her post because her stupid fans couldn't stop mentioning it was her bday under her Insta page! Like what should bips do about that!? I am glad in spite of being bullied by her fandom so much she became the bigger person and still liked!2017-06-03 19:20:50
rim683 2 years ago @Nikki02 Don't worry bips will find another way to get publicity again few days later just like she made a big news when she want to do a fashion show in London and nobody cares about her 60 odd movies, many actresses that were more famous than her had vanished from the media because media doesn't give attention to actors actresses when they r out of work but aunty pays lot of money to her PR to keep herself in the news by promoting her personal life, never seen any actors actresses that r so much in the news like this, especially when they r out of work, and why would bips be bitter about jenny or why would her fans care about it? Because bips helped KSG to cheat on jenny and when someone harm other people, they can't be bitter toward them but bips shamelessly tried to get publicity by giving like on jenny's IG, otherwise nobody can give like to their ex or their spouse's ex when they are not in good contact, she doesn't give like to shradda, nicole or priya.
Nikki02 2 years ago Lol bips please never do something like this again! Winget's delusional fandom thinks that someone as famous as u needs publicity from someone who is doing a flop show lmao! Joke of the millennium! And yeh I am not gonna call winget a bitch or ugly! I don't want to waste dirty words on her! A woman who has done 60 odd feature films needing publicity from someone with not a single hit tv show!? Joke of the millennium!2017-06-03 11:32:16
Shaina_b 2 years ago Jenny did say about patching up!!!

Who cares??KSG moves from one wife to the other!!!!

rim683 2 years ago Ugly bitch bipasha, she need something to stay on the news, this is just another publicity to stay on the news since nobody is giving this oldie any work, love u jennifer.
Alikhan2158 2 years ago Ohhh WOW IF!! Not. Love Jennifer Winget as Maya in Beyhadh. Commenting only for her
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