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#BiggBossRankings: SURPRISE entries this time & Hina Khan rises AGAIN!

On the basis of entertainment, taking a stand, fairness, calmness and a lot more, we rank the Top 10 contestants for this week..

Another week of madness has passed in the Bigg Boss Season 11 house and the drama only seems to be getting more and more intense.

And like the last two weeks, this week too saw a major shake-up in the rankings as the game gets a lot more brutal. Let's see who fared good or bad-

At number 10 this time is Bandgi Kalra as she drops from the 8th spot last week. With an apparent love angle with Puneesh blooming, it doesn't seem to be concerning her too much in terms of presence. Fake or not, she isn't making the most of this opportunity and as confused as she is, it certainly seems to be on a downfall for her, even though she is playing strategically otherwise.

Entering this week after exiting last week is none other than Luv Tyagi. There was an epic surprise eviction between him and Lucinda Nicholas earlier this week and his desperation to stay in the competition was obvious. His presence in the task has been good this week and there were flickers of his potential which we hope gets better ahead.

One position up to the 8th spot this week for Puneesh Sharma as his love angle continues to bloom (for himself atleast). However, being the victim of a brutal attack of Vikas, his reaction was rather mellow as compared to previous contestants reacting. He is a dirty player and is doing it smarty so far. How much does that benefit ahead will only be a waiting game.

Experiencing a major drop this week is Shilpa Shinde. After grabbing the maximum screen presence for the past 15 days, Shilpa was rather absent this week and even though it's a relief, this will not be in her favour for the upcoming weeks.

Entering at the 6th spot this week as a surprise is none other than Benafsha Soonawalla. It took over 15 days for the girl to show what she is capable of and boy it was amazing! She stood up to Akash's craziness in the most brave manner possible and fantastically performed in the ruthless luxury budget task. She did not back down or change her stand during the captaincy nomination and all this leads one to think that Benafsha cannot be considered out of the race too easy.

Two spots up to the 5th position is Akash Dadlani. His reaction to the nomination was as stupid and irrelevant as it gets. However, unfortunately that got him footage and he ruled that particular day. It was good to see him mellow down later and the phrase of 'Love Him, Hate Him, You Can't Ignore Him' fits the bill perfectly for this man.

For the third consecutive week, Arshi Khan maintains her 4th spot as she continues to
'herself' this week too. Her equation with Hina changed once again and her spitting at the latter was not acceptable. But, we also saw a new side of her when she actually 'cried' this week. Fake or real, it is good to see she can emote that too.

Dropping from his top spot this week is Mr. Vikas Gupta. His idiocy in the luxury budget task of attacking Puneet brutally cost him his captaincy and he continued to be a cry baby later. He did not even participate in the tasks that followed. Wondering why is he still at number 3? All this got him screen time and he somehow managed to tackle all this and stay good to an extent.

Surprise again as none other than Sapna Choudhary witnesses a massive jump in the rankings to the 2nd spot. She was a show-stealer because of several instances this week, where she performed the luxury budget task with finesse and stood for herself against Vikas. She was entertaining and funny at times and she even did not back down being the competitor to Hina in captaincy task.

Regaining her top spot this week is none other than Hina Khan. Even though she was dismal last week, I got to applaud the fact that being an A-lister, she isn't too conscious about her image and is fairly real. Maintaining dignity against Arshi in the spitting saga, being an ace performer in the luxury budget task and being the new captain of the house, Hina clearly deserves the top spot for this week.

With new entries in the form of Benafsha and Luv, we wonder if Sabyasachi, Mehjabi and Jyoti are at all even interested in this game.

We are awaiting Priyank Sharma and Dhinchak Pooja's entry in the house which will happen today. How will this impact the rankings next week? Only time will tell...

What do you think about the rankings? Leave in your comments below..
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khan_ 2017-10-22T03:42:16Z
Haters gonna Hate
Hina Khan is the best

well deserved miss sherr khan...
BangBang_Shilpa 2017-10-21T21:03:52Z hina on first

nice joke IF

India forums has been paid by the PR team of hina khan. You should stop your 'chaplusi'.

hina is the number one jhoothi , thali ka bengan , lalchi , chugalkhor , bhukkad.
priya185 2017-10-21T14:16:02Z IF is heavily biased hina does not deserve first spot she is bullying ben and she is a double dholki
shilpa akash or hiten deserve first spot
terribletwist 2017-10-21T03:02:56Z Chill people it's a game there is nothing real about these fights. every girl/woman , be it hina, sapna or whoever, is trying to play the hard hearted hard boiled brat/vamp for top ratings, and if you've accepted them as mean it shows that they're successful in displaying their assumed personas.
They are good actors embrace it and mark them.
If hina can make you hate her she must be really good at her portrayal of the witch you hated in high school but admired her guts nonetheless for being such an unignorable presence:) .2017-10-21 03:03:37
akniti 2017-10-21T02:59:04Z Congratulations hina Khan...u deserve this...good in in house...independent player...8 contestant were afraid of u being strong contestant and nominated but we FANS we save u...unlike person like shilpa who plays hiding behind acash and puneesh ...totally dependent gal...shilpa shinde s big ze
ro without Vikas Gupta...
Hina come on gal... continue with bindaas game...
IPSO_FACTO 2017-10-21T02:15:12Z Shilpa though had less SS but she still gave us good entertainment unlike Faking queen Hina who fights for chicken and sweets.
theBoyWonder 2017-10-21T01:49:37Z The author's comments for Shilpa indicate absolute lack of objectivity when in reality its Hina's absence from the screen that would be a bigger relief to the viewers. Good luck sucking up to Hina Khan.
Ami25 2017-10-20T23:11:18Z This article is to glorify horrible Hina khan! I just dont understand why everybody is supporting her. from channel to salman knan--- everybody. By the way salman khan himself supports wrongs all the time so i am not surprised at all. she has no class, she is a nasty peace of shit --- who looks down upon other people. shame on the writers of IF2017-10-20 23:13:03
therandomgirl 2017-10-20T23:08:43Z I dont think hina should be 1st...
And sapna just gave content in the last episode and she was placed at 2??
Snow_Angel 2017-10-20T22:52:00Z lol to writers of should be ben in first place for last week and hina in last for showing her worse charecter side day by day... making issue out of chicken sweets like she was hungry from decade..this TV bahu is a real life vamp
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