#BiggBoss8Gossip - Puneet Issar gives a nickname to the contestants!

Puneet gives a nickname to the contestants in a funny way.

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With each passing day in Colors' popular reality show Bigg Boss 8, a different side of the contestants is seen by the viewers in the show.

After the accomplishment of their first task, the inmates will now have some fun time together as Puneet Issar will give a nickname to each of his inmates.

We heard from our source that, "Punit called Sukirti a sitting duck saying that she looks calm but she is constantly working like how a duck's feet is moving. He called Pritam an elephant and Soni Singh a monkey. He also called Sonali a Shark to which she said that she is a Bombay Duck. After Puneet gave a nick name to everyone in the house, it was time for the inmates to name him and everyone called Puneet a Teddy Bear."

After some controversies and fights, will this nickname game bring some peace in the house or it will trigger another fight amongst the inmates. Only time will tell!

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Anwesha Kamal


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h622417 6 years ago This content is hidden.
ishqsuku 6 years ago U r adorable Sukirti Kandpal all the best
Sukulove 6 years ago my cute doll Sukirti Kandpal u r such a lovely girl
lovelysuku 6 years ago U r the best baby Sukirti Kandpal so happy u come out from all your respect and dignity happy salman words for u u r so sweet
Good luck
paripyia 6 years ago so happy and proud of u Sukirti Kandpal u come out with dignity and respect LOVE U DOLL
cutesuku 6 years ago super cute Sukirti Kandpal love u adore u good luck
CrazyDoll1400 6 years ago barbie doll Sukirti Kandpal
you are too sweet
Innocent_beauty 6 years ago Beauty Queen Sukirti Kandpal you are not like a duck...Smile.you are looking like a beautiful doll
parisuku 6 years ago Beauty with brain Sukirti Kandpal u r the best angel all tthe best
lovesuku 6 years ago Love u proud of u Sukirti Kandpal all the best suku good luck
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