Bigg Boss gets its Top Four..

We are in the penultimate week of Bigg Boss, where we get the Top Four contestants who will battle it out for 1 crore in the final week...

It's the light-eyed Aditi Govitrikar who got the boot this week from Bigg Boss house. And that makes Poonam Dhillon the only woman left now to enter the finals.

The model-Mrs-World-and-Khatron-Ke-Khiladi contestant was pitted against Poonam, Vindoo Dara Singh and her "good friend" Bakhtiyar Iraani this week. While she was a smart player who Vindoo described as "brainy", we guess her smartness cost her the show. Of late, she had begun to indulge in back-biting especially against Poonam. May be she felt the veteran Bollywood actress was proving to be a strong contender and hence she was making constant attempts to put her down.

She had Bakhtiyar and Pravesh on her side who too had gone against Poonam in the last nominations. However, Pravesh being a smart alec that he is had soon realized that Vindoo and Poonam had a loyal following and so changed sides. Bakhtiyar however stayed close to Aditi and with her elimination tonight, we wonder now what will happen to Bakibabu who is all alone against the might of the remaining three contestants.

The Bigg Boss finale is on December 26 and we are sure there would be surprise elimination early next week and it just could be Aditi's friend next on the eviction list…

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Poonam Dhillon

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Aditi Gowitrikar

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Bakhtiyaar Irani

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Vindoo Dara Singh

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Bigg Boss Season 3

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Comments (17)

gud she was soo mean,proud n doesnt know how to talk to a woman of her mother age

14 years ago

Good she went. I would like poonam or vindoo to win. love you poonam

14 years ago

What Rubbish??? Was she the only one backbitting? Atleast they dont dso ti all the tym..Poonam and vindu always are backbitting..

14 years ago

i hope poonam wins she is the most deserving amongst all 4 plus it's high time that a female wins the big boss show

14 years ago

I'm feeling sad..Aditi deserved to win

Why did they write bakibabu instead of bakhtiyar. The author should to be neutral and not baised

14 years ago

who ever wins....gtood luck to them!!!all the baddies are already out of the show!!

14 years ago

eventhough i wanted he to be in the final glad Vindu n Poonam r saved!

14 years ago

who the heck wrote this crappy interview.. that person doesnt know what he or she is writing about.. FAIL!

14 years ago

Why all this against BI, I mean you wrote he could be out next week and called him Bakibabu? What crap?? It seems Vindoo bribed you guys too.

14 years ago

Infact Poonam lately had indulged in b***g against Aditi all the time...Sad to see her go...possible winner was let go by BB now a bunch of losers in the house are remianing...

14 years ago

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