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Bigg Boss draws flak for vulgarity in content...

COLORS has received a show cause notice from the I&B ministry over the semi nude footages of Raju Srivastav aired on various news channels..

Published: Tuesday,Oct 27, 2009 15:02 PM GMT-06:00
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Bigg Boss draws flak for vulgarity in content...
COLORS' reality show Bigg Boss which saw its first bout of violence coming from Kamal Rashid Khan last week has stooped to a new low this week, with the obscene semi-nude footage of Raju Srivastav that was aired across all channels over the weekend.

The Information and Broadcasting ministry has sent a show cause notice to the producers of the show after housemates Aditi Gowitrikar and Tanaaz Irani pulled down the shorts of co-contestant Raju Srivastav during the pool side party organized over the weekend in the Bigg Boss house. However, the scene in question was not aired in the Sunday's episode which showed the contestants enjoying the pool side party.

The ministry has demanded an explanation from the producers at the most by this Friday, or else they face action which includes suspension of transmission or ban for a certain period. It has also mentioned in its notice that this obscene content has offended the sensibilities of viewers, and that the production house in order to get more publicity even sent the semi-nude visuals to channels.

In their defense, COLORS officials have said, "We are yet to receive any notice. We have taken all measures to ensure our program Bigg Boss is in compliance with the program code and we very clearly beep out any abusive content used the contestants in the show".

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princess_21 @princess_21 14 years ago after this incident both the girl lost respect for my side...its a shameful act
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Rachel @Rach. 14 years ago this show itself is disgusting...what else can u expect
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Mohini19 @Mohini19 14 years ago no doubt, disgusting show with no point.

and you know what, some folks will argue with us telling us not to watch the show if you dont like it. So, of course I really do not watch the show.

But I wonder about the sensibilities of the people who made the show. As some one rightly pointed out, its really bad for impressionable kids at a young age.

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Shaina_b @Shaina_b 14 years ago Its the same as Iss Jungle Se mujhe bachao!!!!

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maida @mjht2dmg 14 years ago i just don get the point of this show :S
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Hmmmmmmmmmm @49erFan 14 years ago Anyway this show is a joke, can't stand it!
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Mariha @Mariha_LoveIF 14 years ago You know what guys..These r the little things..that people are excited to see..But wen they actually see it..They r like.."How bad! How vulgur..eew..oow"

The incident was full of vulgarity..
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tulipbaby53 @tulipbaby53 14 years ago oh my...i don't watch this show, but did they really do that? that's bad!
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Sanober @sanober. 14 years ago It wasnt unnt at all... They should have respected him instead of making fun of him and was laughing chee
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sunidhifan4evr @sunidhifan4evr 14 years ago I cnt believe that aditi wud do that I can see tanaaz doing that but aditi doing that thats kind of big shocker......
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