Bigg Boss 17: Salman Khan lashes out at Abhishek Kumar for his violent ways this week

In the upcoming episode of Colors TV's show Bigg Boss 17's weekend ka vaar, host Salman Khan will be seen lashing out at Abhishek Kumar.

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Abhishek Kumar and Salman Khan

In the highly anticipated weekend installment of Bigg Boss, Salman Khan, the charismatic host, takes center stage to deliver reality checks and dissect the contestants' game performances from the week. As tradition dictates, this week's "Weekend Ka Vaar" episode promises heightened drama and intriguing revelations for the show's dedicated viewers.

Exclusive insights from the sets of the show have revealed some key developments in the upcoming episode of Weekend Ka Vaar, currently being filmed. According to our sources, Salman Khan will address Abhishek Kumar's violent behavior, expressing strong disapproval. Salman takes Abhishek to task for his aggressive tendencies, stating that if Abhishek seeks fame by using people, he should do so without being selective. The host confronts Abhishek with clips showcasing his physical altercations and points out that such behavior would not be appreciated, especially if directed towards Salman himself.

Salman goes on to diagnose Abhishek with a 'galatfehmi' or a misunderstanding, a condition recognized by everyone in the Bigg Boss house. Despite Abhishek acknowledging his mistake upon seeing the clips, Salman emphasizes that he has repeated these errors, despite earlier commendation for his positive actions. The episode promises a tense confrontation and raises questions about Abhishek's behavior in the Bigg Boss house.

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Comments (4)

Irritating dude.. Glad he deserved it

2 months ago

lashing out but not kicking out

2 months ago

Hope chooza becomes permanently mute after this reality check!

2 months ago

Thank God he deserves this big time! Irritating fool!

2 months ago

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