Bigg Boss 17: Anurag's battle and Ankita-Neil's clash ignite an explosive showdown

In the upcoming Bigg Boss 17 episode, Anurag confronts a significant challenge, and Ankita and Neil's nomination clash sparks a fiery showdown.

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Bigg Boss 17

In tonight's gripping episode of Bigg Boss 17, tensions escalate as Anurag wants to leave the show voluntarily. He expresses his frustrations to Ankita that even in the contract, it is written that she can sleep for more time. Anurag is accusing Bigg Boss of unfairly targeting him and being biased toward other contestants. He boldly asks Bigg Boss for the trophy and insists on leaving the show right away, urging an immediate exit to send him home. The drama unfolds as Bigg Boss gathers everyone in the chalk area, cautioning Anurag about the repercussions of his disruptive behaviour. He says to Anurag that going to every housemate and ear-filling them will only cause him a problem. Bigg Boss challenges Anurag that if he continues his crying, he should be ready for the war from his side. The suspense builds as viewers await Anurag's decision on whether he will ultimately exit the house or choose to stay.

High drama unfolds in the Bigg Boss house in a riveting nomination task named Welcome to the Highway to Eviction. In the task, Neil nominates Ankita because Vicky nominates him, which later sparks a fiery confrontation between the two. Unimpressed by Neil's choice, Ankita criticizes his gameplay as timid, labelling him a coward in the process. She tells him if he is nominating her, he should have a valid reason and not nominate her just for the sake of nominations. Meanwhile, Ankita sarcastically asks Neil if he finds her so pretty that he is only looking at her. A fun banter takes place where Ankita says to Neil that don't breathe near her. Her smell is coming back, and Neil said he can also smell hollowness within her. However, the banter takes a sharp turn when the lighthearted exchange escalates into a full-blown fight as voices rise, and both housemates are shouting at each other to keep quiet. Later, Ankita tells Neil to go away from there. The nomination task adds an intense layer to the game and reshapes the dynamics between Ankita and Neil. 

As their verbal communication intensifies, viewers are left on the edge, eagerly anticipating how this clash will influence the path of their journey in the Bigg Boss house.

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