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Bigg Boss 14: Aly Goni on Rahul Vaidya not winning, future with Jasmin Bhasin and more

Aly Goni made it to top 4 of Bigg Boss 14 and though he may not have won the show, he knows he has come a long way. Read his interview here.

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Bigg Boss 14 contestant Aly Goni came a long way during his journey inside the house. While the actor has not lifted the trophy, he is completely satisfied with his journey and believes that he has earned the respect of the audience and that is just enough for him.

He got talking about all things Bigg Boss, finding love on the show, and more. Read excerpts from the interview here.

You got a lot of female attention in the show. 

If someone likes you, that is always a nice feeling, who wouldn't like that. It was nice because it did not have any negative connotation to it, so it feels really good, who doesn't like it?

Everyone said that it seems there is more between you and Jasmin, and you both finally accepted that. How do you feel?

I am still a little 'sharmeela' because these are things that I haven't done earlier, and I don't say a lot. It took me time to realize the feelings because when she was away, I felt that something is missing and when I went inside the house since we haven't ever spent so much time together, after that, we understood that there is something different here.

You were a little affected when Jasmin's parents came, is all good now?

Everything is perfect, but I haven't spoken a lot about it, but of course, I will sit with my parents and talk everything out but everything looks perfect otherwise.

Will we see an engagement happening soon?

I don't know, I really want to be with her spend time with her, and inshallah, whenever anything happens, everyone will know.

Are you upset about Rahul Vaidya not winning?

As much as I am sad about Rahul not winning, I am also glad about Rubina lifting the trophy. I share a great bond with both of them, of course, I was rooting more for Rahul and was hoping that he wins, and if not me, I wanted him to be the winner, but I am also very happy for Rubina.

Everyone constantly told you to play for yourself. What do you have to say to that?

I was obviously playing for myself, and in such circumstances, people lose themselves in the game, and it did not happen with me, because I believe in standing by my people and that is what I did because that is just who I am. Games keep coming and going but when I know people with me need me, I supported them and I also know that these things don't stop someone from winning, and when I have reached so far, I wouldn't have reached here either. I did what gave me happiness and people who love me are also happy, and I have earned respect, which is just as good as the trophy.

Is there a moment that you want to fix or one that you want to relive?

I have had very nice moments inside the house, I have had moments where I broke down, and I did not have any plans to enter the show, but it just happened. I am glad that I kept up with myself, I feel that whatever I did in the house was after a lot of thought, and hence, I don't wish to change anything because I know I thought about everything before doing it.

A message to the fans and everyone supporting you.

I want to thank my friends and family for all the love and support because it is due to them that I have gotten everything and I am very glad that I came so far because of them as well.

Having come such a long way, Aly continues to receive all the love from his fans and the same is visible on social media.

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