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Bigg Boss 13: Housemates to Lose Immunity For The Entire Season

Bigg Boss punishes the contestants in the house by making them lose the immunity for the entire season...


Colors Bigg Boss 13 has been one of the most talked seasons. Not only it has seen a lot of drama action but also tasks getting canceled and this time things have turned major in all caps.

It was during the captaincy task that Bigg Boss announced a new task for all the contestants in the house. Vishal was elected to be the Sanchalak for the task. He is seen plotting the game plan along with Shehnaz Gill whom he wants to be the next captain of the house. This can be seen in the task as he awards two extra points to Shehnaz during the task, being extremely partial in the game. When Sidharth Shukla confronts him, he refuses to acknowledge it.

This did not go well with Bigg Boss who felt that Vishal misused his power as a sanchalak and said that he is the most confused sanchalak ever. Bigg Boss decided the punish the housemates and declared that there will be no more immunity task for this season. 

Later, Bigg Boss declares that Vishal was indeed cheating during the game and announces no immunity task will be held in the future. 

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