Bidaai's Splendid 400 Episode Celebration!

Producer Rajan Shahi celebrates the success of Star Plus’s Bidaai in an exemplifying manner!

The scene on the sets of Star Plus' Sapna Babul Ka..Bidaai was somehow giving a dejavu. It definitely struck a familiar chord. Yupp, right. It was like the whole family huddling under the sparkling Christmas tree eager to open their presents.

All the unit members of Bidaai, right from the technicians in sound, light, makeup department to lead actors Sara Khan, Kinshuk Mahajan and Producer Rajan Shahi, were gathered under the huge chandelier, beside the large tables full of gift wrapped presents. The excitement about the presents was infectious. The smell of eagerness and joy filled the air. The moment was simply superb!

Welcome to the 400-episode celebration of one of television's most loved soaps.  With no categorical differences all the crew members are standing on the same level. Producer Rajan Shahi thinks his whole unit is one big family. To emphasize the point he brought his mother and daughter Ishika to be a part of the festivities too!

Soon the most awaited moment arrived and the announcement was made on the sets that its time for gift distribution. Everyone was immediately alert like a well trained army regiment. Soon one by one the names of the likes of Ashraf dada and Ramesh Yadav started to get called out. And every face returned with a smile or a giggle or a sense of gratitude or contention.

The huge boxes were distributed by the main leads of Bidaai as well as Producer Rajan Shahi's mother. Little Ishika helped with the little velvet pouches that presumably held tiny trinkets ,going by the sound that came when she precariously placed them on top of the larger gift boxes.

The only noticeable point of this celebration was that it wasn't followed by a buffet. As soon as the gift boxes disappeared another announcement "Chalo everyone back to business" was made.

But certainly when the hearts are full, a rumbling tummy doesn't matter. Isn't it?

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose

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Comments (19)

Without 'Sadna' & 'Ranvir' bidaai is too much boring. I dont watch it now.I m requesting to bidaais producer plz plz turn back them.

13 years ago

congratss to the whole team of bidaai!!!!
ohh no parul n angad?


14 years ago

this show is so over rated and boring....dude the storyline sucks they are just trying to drag it somehow...

14 years ago

good that they celebrated now. i don't think it will see the 500th day. bidaai's trp is going down...down....down. shlok has taken all the popularity with him. now there is nothing but some absurd thrill without much logic. shlok should have solved the mystery with his charm and through psychological treatment of alekh, which was the original storyline. but the track suddenly changed and with that the story has became week and meaningless.

14 years ago

kash_hiba- i think ur just jealous cause parul is prettier then u.

14 years ago

The worstestestestest show in the whole world.....its only coz of dis show dat our show tipped off!!
bloodyy bidaai~~

14 years ago

Oops!! Probably this is the gift that Kinshuk and Naveen planned for this poor chap... - LOL , i was laughin wen i saw dis pic , buh one thing is i didnt see ragini or alekh anywhere , wonder where dey were ??

14 years ago

i think some people are facing problems in digesting our bidaai success.
i think they shuld consult a doctor as well as a psychitrist also.
i mean if it is a ghatiya show then how come it's ruling the trps for more than 2 years!!!!!!!!!
ya to whole india is pagal or the people who are writing these kinds of rubbish has lost their mind.
i have sympathy with them.
god plz help them.

14 years ago

Rajan shahi's daughter.

Congo to bidaai team

14 years ago

WOW!! congrats to whole bidaai team & all fans

14 years ago

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