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Bhanupratap faces a tough decision - who will be the next heir of the Mahajan Group in Vanshaj?

In the upcoming episodes of Sony Sab's show Vanshaj, Bhanupratap will be seen facing a tough decision.

Published: Wednesday,Aug 09, 2023 08:05 AM GMT-06:00
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Puneet Issar

Sony SAB's Vanshaj, the recently launched family drama, highlights a story of family politics and dynamics within the opulent Mahajan family. As the protagonist Yuvika (played by Anjali Tatrari) finds herself embroiled in a major controversy over an audiovisual presentation swap, dark motives and hidden alliances come to light within the Mahajan family, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. As the pressure mounts on Bhanupratap (Puneet Issar) to find a successor for the group, long-buried family rivalries resurface, threatening to tear the dynasty apart.

With Yuvika being declared guilty by the internal committee, the suspense intensifies as Bhanupratap (Puneet Issar) faces the most difficult question of his life - who will become the next heir? The power struggles within the dynasty take centre stage, exposing long-standing rivalries and hidden motives. In the upcoming episodes, the audiences will watch untold secrets unfolding and witness Bhanupratap’s quest to find the rightful heir to the Mahajan empire. 

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Who will be chosen by Bhanupratap as the next heir of the Mahajan Group?

Puneet Issar, who plays the character of Bhanupratap, said, “My character Bhanupratap is in a state of dilemma with Yuvika being declared guilty by the internal committee. This pushes him to confront the most important question of his life - who will truly inherit the legacy of the Mahajan Group? The upcoming events will bring forth hidden truths, and some tough decisions to be taken by Bhanupratap while choosing the heir of the empire. Brace yourselves for an emotional rollercoaster as we witness a captivating journey of power, betrayal, and the search for the rightful heir.”

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Palak @Palak2812 1 months ago Dadababu as a character is pretty good
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Bhidur @Pete15rogmourey 3 months ago Do non I-F members also get to post reactions in articles? Because i see atleast 301 people who reacted in this article? Who are these people? If these many people are active at the forum then it will reach more that 70 pages in a day 🤣🤣🤣🤣
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Navya @Navyya 3 months ago For the time being it’s ok for Dhanraj to be in this position but ultimately I would like to see Yuvika in it
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Ananya @Syon_Anya41 3 months ago It's often said that "Everything happens on its due time." Neither Yuvika nor DJ are capable for handling such a big position as of now. Let's hope that when the due time comes, there is nothing left unjustifiable.
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Bhairvi @BT24 4 months ago Hopefully it's Dhanraj for now. More intrigued to see what hidden truths come out.
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SriKrishna @RainOfDew 4 months ago Excited to see who will be next Chairman.. Dhanraj can be acting Chairman until they decide among DJ/Yuvika
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User_is_banned @User_is_banned 4 months ago Excited for the upcoming episodes
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GattuThakker @HarshadThakker 4 months ago Neither Dhanraj nor DJ should get this seat uit should be Yuvika
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Bhidur @Pete15rogmourey 4 months ago Hope the next chairman is Dhanraj and not DJ , more than this i want DB to stay in the position of CEO / Chairman , (even the showrunners aren't clear about this) and not resgin
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