Bhajji gets a marriage proposal..

The cricketer and winner of COLORS' EKEH came as a guest judge in Dancing Queen only to get proposed by a contestant...

Lots of dhamaal is in store on the sets of COLORS' Dancing Queen this weekend as the cricketer and winner of Ek Khiladi Ek Haseena, Harbhajan Singh comes as guest judge in the show..

"Bhajji had lots of fun with the divas on the sets. His charm and grace made everyone goes go weak on their knees, especially Deepshika's partner Liza," says the source.

Talking about Liza and Bhajji our source adds, "Soon after their performance on the song 'Sabse Bade Ladaiyya Re' from the movie 'Omkara', an excited Liza gets down on her knees to propose our Bhajji. It was much to everyone's surprise and Harbhajan's amusement," quips our khabroo.

She is a die-hard fan of the cricketer and wants to marry him. The girl also asked for his address and telephone number. "Liza wanted her parents to meet Bhajji's family and take the proposal of their marriage forward. She also said 'I love you Harbhajan'. The poor cricketer could not say anything, but turned red with flames of embarrassment", states our source.

Harbhajan was seen on COLORS shaking his legs with Mona Singh in EK Khiladi Ek Haseena.  "Though he did not say anything to Liza, he danced with her so that she does not feel bad," concludes our khabroo.

Can Bhajji be called 'Sabse Bada Dilwala'?

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Mona Jaswir Singh

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Harbhajan Singh

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It must have been an embarrassing moment for BHajji. Saw the glimpse on India TV.

15 years ago

We all know one person was not ACTING

15 years ago

lol...that must have been really embarassing for him...and that is a bit creepy for a person u don''t even know...

15 years ago

Wierdness is wut i agree with one of the posts below....

15 years ago

hahahhahaha!!...bhajji haan kar do naa!!...poor girl...shes madly in love with you!

15 years ago

this is a very old interview cuz they broke up in May '07. She's dating Kelly Dorjee now, who used to be Lara Datta bf

15 years ago

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