Bhagya Lakshmi: Malishka to take Vikrant’s help to drive Lakshmi and Rishi apart?

In the upcoming episodes of Zee TV's show Bhagya Lakshmi, Malishka will be seen taking another step to drive a wedge between Lakshmi and Rishi.

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Mohit Malhotra and Maera Mishra

Zee TV's Bhagya Lakshmi has been in the news for all the right reasons ever since its premiere. Making their way into the audience's hearts, Aishwarya Khare and Rohit Suchanti a.k.a. our very own #RishMi have become household names and command a massive fan following. However, it is the dramatic twists in the tale that have kept the audience hooked on to their television screens. In the recent episodes, viewers witnessed how Rishi (Rohit Suchanti) and Lakshmi (Aishwarya Khare) were missing each other after the latter left the Oberoi house and moved into the Rano house.

Amidst all the drama, Neelam announced Rishi and Malishka’s (Maera Misshra) wedding and everyone started preparing for the same. After hearing the news about his marriage, Lakshmi went to just congratulate Rishi, but on Dadi and Virendra’s (Uday Tikekar) request, she decided to help with all the wedding preparations as well and stayed back at the Oberoi house. This decision left Neelam (Smita Bansal), Malishka and Karishma (Parul Chaudhary) furious and Neelam decided to leave the house in a fit of rage. Somehow Virendra managed to convince her to stay back.

In the meantime, as preparations for the wedding commenced, Lakshmi and Rishi's love for each other only deepened further, something that Malishka also noticed. Fearing that it might jeopardize her chances of marrying Rishi, Malishka will be seen turning to Vikrant (Mohit Malhotra) for help in separating the couple. In the upcoming episode, they will be seen hatching a plan to remove Lakshmi from their path. But will they be able to drive Rishi and Lakshmi apart? And will Malishka and Vikrant be successful in killing her? 

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