#BestOf2016: BABIES of Tinsel Town!

This year, many Tinsel Townies became 'mommies' and 'daddies'.

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Another thing that broke the myth of 2016 being a bad year is the number of Television actors who became proud parents. And next in our features marathon in the 'BestOf2016' category, we compile a list of all babies who were born this year. 

Roshni Chopra was blessed with a baby boy Reyaan in the month of August. She already has a son named Jaiveer.  

Shveta Salve became a mother to a baby girl in August. She and husband Hermit Sethi have named their daughter Arya.

Karanvir Bohra and Teejay Sidhu welcomed twin daughters into this world just last month i.e October.

Vijayendra Kumeria and his wife were blessed with a baby girl in October.

Salman Yusuff Khan became a proud papa to baby boy Hamdan in the month of March this year.

Shabbir Ahluwalia and Kanchi Kaul welcomed their second son Ivarr, in the month of February. They already have a son named Azai.

Akshay Dogra and wife Sakshi welcomed their son in the month of Feb.

Bhanu Uday and wife Shalini Khanna became parents to a baby boy!

Kushal Punjabi and his wife Audrey Dolhen welcomed a baby boy in the month of April. They named their son Kian.

Amrapali Gupta and husband Yash Sinha welcomed their first son Kabir in the month of March. They even named their son after Yash's on screen name Kabir.

Hritu Dudani welcomed her baby boy in the month of September.

Arpit Ranka welcomed his baby boy in the month of September this year.

Chahat Khanna welcomed her baby girl Zohar in the month of September.

Manasi delivered her baby girl Nirvi in the month of December.

Shweta Tiwari delivered a baby boy and named her son Reyansh. 

Phew! Sooo many babies. Looks like it literally rained babies this year.

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Karanvir Bohra

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Manasi Parekh

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Roshni Chopra

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Kushal Punjabi

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Amrapali Gupta

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Bhanu Uday

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Shweta Tiwari

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Shabbir Ahluwalia

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Shveta Salve

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Kanchi Kaul

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Teejay Sidhu

Hritu Dudani Thumbnail

Hritu Dudani

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Chahatt Khanna

Akshay Dogra Thumbnail

Akshay Dogra

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Yash Sinha

Salman Yusuff Khan Thumbnail

Salman Yusuff Khan

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Arpit Ranka

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Congratulations Vijayendra Kumeria .Loving U as Suraj in Udaan

7 years ago

Congratulations to all of them... Vijayendra Kumeria god bless ur angel...ur rocking as Suraj in Udaan

7 years ago

congrats vijayendra kumeria.
vijayendra kumeria is simply mindblowing as suraj in udaan.watching udaan for him

7 years ago

Congrats to all the parents. Vijayendra Kumeria.

7 years ago

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