Begu Sarai - Well etched and outstanding!

& TV's one of the mega shows, Begu Sarai, gives the authentic feel and is quite impressive with its stellar ensemble.

Begu Sarai

Monday to Friday at 10pm only on &TV

Produced By: Saregama Production

Cast: Shweta Tiwari, Shivangi Joshi, Narendra Jha, Sulbha Arya and Madhvi Gokhte.

Story so far:  It starts in 1974 when Ammaji's (Sulbha Arya) two sons Phulan (Narendra Jha) and Bhushan Thakur who started out as small time dacoits took over the entire city in no time. Phulan took over the reins of Begusarai like a king while his brother Bhushan stood by his side loyally. Manjitha is their loyal soldier who stood like a guard to protect them at all times. Both brothers have divided their property to avoid any dispute among their children and enjoying their rule over the land of Begusarai'. Phulan has 3 sons, Mikhilesh, Priyom, Rajkumar and a daughter Guddi. Manjitha's daughter Poonam (Shivangi Joshi) is also considered as the part of the Thakur family. Poonam is a simple girl whose only dream is to study further in college. Her special tea is most popular with the entire Thakur family. Poonam is waiting for her results but couldn't get a hand on single newspaper. When she goes in search of newspaper along with her friend, Phulan Thakur's daughter Guddi, she comes across Phulan's son Priyom Thakur. Priyom with his Casanova image is every girl's dream comes true, but he doesn't believe in marriage but only casual love affairs. After repeated failed attempts to get hold of a newspaper, Poonam is disappointed. When she has lost all hopes of finding out her results, she hears loud music outside and rushes out along with other family members where she saw Priyom arriving with a band, playing loud music. He proudly announces Poonam's result and declares that she has passed with flying colours.

To celebrate Poonam's success, Laakhan too invites his cronies for a liquor party and brings Poonam to witness it. Priyom objects to it. Mikhilesh reaches the scene where the party is going on and he slaps Laakhan for trying to misbehave with Poonam. But Priyom intervenes and takes the blame on himself, so now Mikhilesh's anger shifts towards him. During their walk to her home, Laakhan pulls out a pair of earrings from a lady's ears leaving her bleeding and later gifts them to Poonam. Poonam feels pleased when Laakhan hands her a college form and asks her to fill them up. Later, Phulan takes Laakhan along with him and orders him to apologize to the women from whom he had snatched the earrings. Laakhan is embarrassed but decides to follow the orders. During meal Dadi announces that Poonam will now be going to college. While everybody is happy about this, Laakhan ends their happiness by objecting to this. He states that since Poonam is going to marry him, he has the right to stop Poonam from going to the college and he does exactly that. Poonam gets upset and begins to cry while her mother consoles her. Mikhilesh's wife is upset about entire episode and takes promise from him that their children's future won't be decided by anyone. Later, Priyom tries to speak to Laakhan on Pooneam's behalf, to allow her to study further but before he can say anything Mikhilesh calls Laakhan for important work. Laakhan later realizes the job is to bring the famous dancer Bindiya' from Patna. Bindiya is a sexy seductress who loves her hard earned money and nothing else. Though she is famous, her earning is not upto the mark and is on the lookout for a rich patron.

What works: To rope in the noted film maker Tigmanshu Dhulia to design the first look of this multi-starrer on the small screen, was the clever decision from the channel's end. It gave the entire show a movie like look. Casting is up to the mark. Dialogues spoken in Bihari dialect brings out the true essence of the language. Narendra Jha suits the bill as Phulan Thakur'. Sulbha Arya's English speaking Ammaji is adorable. Shivangi Joshi plays demure Poonam' perfectly well. Priyom played by Sartaj Gill, aka Mikhilesh and Laakhan played by Vishal Aditya Singh all have blended themselves with their role superbly. But the one who is going to be cynosure of all eyes is undoubtedly Shweta Tiwari!! Shweta who is a terrific dancer is perfect for the role of 'Bindiya' who is not afraid of any one. It will be a landmark role in the actress's career. Outdoor location and realistic sets brings out the flavor of the Begusarai region.

What doesn't work: Except for the 10 pm timing, there is nothing to point out as far 'Begusarai' is concern. Family audience might give a miss to this show due to its late timings.

Our take: We had shows earlier which were based in our country's interior, and Begusarai' instantly tweaked that curiosity with its title and its unbelievable star cast. Ace director Tigmanshu Dhulia brings out his own touch to this multi-starrer. Look of the show is grand, movie like. What turmoil spicy 'Bindiya' brings into the Thakur family will be worth the watch.

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Begusarai is a place in Bihar.
It is known for its goons and the control of wealthy people in this village.
The story also was portrayed around this subject but slowly the angle got twisted around the love affairs and than marriages and than property and too much.Though the characters in this serial are strong , but the writer is really giving swirls to the serial every now and than.

8 years ago

I am a big fan of Darshan Dave (aka Mithilesh Thakur) from Romania...for me Darshan Dave is the best Indian actor of 21 century <3 I watch Begusarai show only for Darshan Dave! I bow in front of his moments in Begusarai, I love each one! Darshan Dave is a complete actor, a guru in acting!

8 years ago

this is an amazing show...was never loved so many character at a time of a show..every character has their own specialty...this show is so refreshing and different..loving it..Begu Sarai rocks...

9 years ago

I am in LOVE with this show so far!!!
Amazingly unpredictable...

9 years ago

I love this show... LAAKHAN is my fav... POonamamd LAAKHAN jodi is awesome... Great casting,... Love shweta tiwari...

9 years ago

I am loving the show and it's nice!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's different and refreshing!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 years ago

After long something has come on TV, that can bring pride back to Indian TV Shows, if they do not goof it up along the way. Good Direction, Good Writing, Good performances. Hope it fetches good TRP, as we have seen umpteen times in past how good shows have been destroyed by bad TRP's. Fingers Crossed.

9 years ago

Its an amazing show, all casts are doing fab job. Story is awesome. This show gona rock on and tv.

9 years ago

Show is great! all the casts doing a great job!

9 years ago

its an amazing show. loving each and every character. i hope all the episodes are like what they were in week 1. this show feels more like a movie then a tv serial

9 years ago

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