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BCL Special: Team 'Ahemdabad Express' cherishes their 'Woman of Substance'!

The actors-players share who they think is thire woman of substance..

Published: Tuesday,Mar 08, 2016 19:55 PM GMT-07:00
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The Box Cricket League (BCL) team 'Ahemdabad Express' is like one big happy family, thanks to its owners, Gaurav Aggarwal, Nandish Sandhu and Mrunal Jain.

On the eve of Woman's Day, the actors share who is that one woman, who is extremely influential in their lives and is the woman of substance..

My nani and my mother are my ideal women. My Nani was and always will be special to me and I just can't give one reason for it. She has held my hand ever since I took the first step of my life and never left my side. I miss her and I know she is still there with me, guiding and protecting me. My mom has always been an inspiration and my support system in every walk of my life and words will never be enough to describe how special they are.

My mom is my woman of substance. She struggled all her life to give me and my siblings the best, even when she could not afford it. She remained strongest all through her life. She is the best mother. She is my strength and God's best gift to me. What I am today is only because of her. She is special and I thank her for always loving me the way she does.

Gulshan Nain
My mom is my woman of substance. I have been pampered throughout with her love and care, as I am the only child. My mom's only motive in life is to keep me happy. It feels like she lives only for me. Every activity she does is somehow or the other related to me and her unconditional love just keeps me high in my spirits even in the hardest of times. I would be happy if I give her even 1% of what she has given me. I am truly blessed to have her in my life...


Gaurav Aggarwal
My mother Savita Aggarwal is my back bone. She has raised me to be the man I am. Through all the ups and downs, she always did what was best and needed for us. She remains to be the glue of the family keeping us together. Till date she calls me every day to check if I had my meal or not. She is my true inspiration and strength. My wife Rashna has been with me since school. She has been very supportive and stood by me in everything I do. She is extremely understanding and keeps pushing me to grow further. She plays a key role in everything I do and without her I would be completely lost.


My woman of substance is my sister Rakhee. She has always given me genuine and sincere advice even if I don't like it at times. She is not only independent and has looked after her parents all these years but has also been instrumental in running her dad's company. She has all the capability of getting any job done; sometimes even better than a man would do. I truly cherish her support, love and input in my life. She is my sister at times, my friend at times and my mother at times. On this woman's day I want to acknowledge her wonderful presence in my life and want to say my life is incomplete without her.


My woman of substance is my mom, Veena Wadkar. Because of her I am independent, self-made, hard working, disciplined and humble. The values which mom gave have helped me gain respect from everyone in the world.


My woman of substance is my mom because for her unconditional love and support. I can't think of life without her. She has given me an excellent upbringing.


My mother is my role model. She is my woman of substance, For a lot of people their mom is the woman of substance but in today's day and age my mom has had a very important contribution in my life and she is my super woman, as she has brought up five children. Not all have the patience to deal with five children but not only has she enveloped me with her love but has always made each of us feel equally loved and important. I have always felt mom is only mine and that is her special quality which makes her so unique and one more amazing quality of my mom is that whenever we five have ever been in trouble or some kind of stress she would know it in advance. We never had to tell her that we were in trouble. She could always sense it and she always had the solution to it. Today mom, on women's day, I want to acknowledge all your efforts and love that you have put towards our family unconditionally and especially to me. I might not be able to express all my gratitude in words but trust me mom you mean the most. Love you always.


My women of substance are my mom Vidhya and my wife Sweety. My mom because she always loved me and supported me in my life. My wife Sweety because she stood by my side whenever I needed her. She always supported me and encouraged me. She is my pillar of strength and compliments me. I am quite lucky to have these two lovely women in my life.


My mother is my woman of substance. She has always loved me and supported me to do something in my career. She is my strength and inspiration. I am from Markotla and it was surely not a easy decision to come to Mumbai and make it big with a show like Saathiya. It's her blessings which did the magic.


Woman of substance is my mother and I love her a lot. She is my best friend. She always supported me and encouraged me to do great in my career. She is somebody I will always look up to. I can't think of life without her. I salute her confidence and approach towards life.


I am not being biased but women get complete credit for my life right from my mother, who gave me birth and values, my sister who gave me love, all my girlfriends who taught me what not to do.. that I do all the time, my stage directors, TV directors and even my film directors have mostly been women and as fa as TV industry goes... it won't exist without women.. right from producers, creatives to channels. Women rule my life and career and love me and all of them are and will always be special to me. Happy women's day and I love you all.


Well the woman of my life is my mom. The reason behind me saying this is because she has always been my strength, my power, my inspiration, my support system, my purest friend and a lover. She has always been on my side, in my extremes, my bad and good times. I believe, today whatever good I am it's just because of her. I believe she is the only reason why I respect women and honestly I have started believing that if you women were not there in our lives, we men would have been nothing without you. Thanks for making us more human, making us believe that life is beautiful. Happy Women's Day Maa and everyone. 


My mother is my woman of substance whom I look up to. She is my backbone. The place where I stand today is because of the immense confidence she placed in me. She always encouraged me to keep going come what may and success will invariably follow. My mom has struggled a lot in life but still gave me the best.. be it education, lifestyle or anything else.. Love you mom.

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Hope to see you back on screen soon in a great role and show
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