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#BB12: Deepak, Rohit, Surbhi and Somi Deserved to Go before me, Says Megha Dhade!

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It's eviction time again in Bigg Boss house, and while you viewers wait eagerly to know who got evicted, the housemates pray to get saved. It was a double eviction this week, and Jasleen Matharu and Marathi Bigg Boss winner and wildcard entrant Megha Dhade are the ones to get evicted.

In a candid conversation with India Forums, Megha shared with us about her Bigg Boss journey, her eviction and fights in the house.

Have a look at what all she revealed:

You have been winner of Bigg Boss Marathi and expectations were but obviously high from you, then what do you think went wrong here, that you got nominated and then evicted from the show?

Why I got nominated is known by everyone, but I felt was wrong was, I got nominated for a week, but then it got carry forward for the next week also. Secondly, there are some people in the house who don't deserve to be there, as I feel I was playing a better game than them. I'm really shocked why this has happened with me.

Who do you think should have been evicted before you?

I would say, Deepak, Rohit, Surbhi and Somi. I think I deserved to stay instead of these four people.

Rohit has been provoking you and Jasleen, and also commenting that you two should pack your bags and go. What will you comment on it?

I don't know from where has he mustered the courage to do and say all these things.

Neither did I spit on him, and nor did I threw my slippers at him; I threw it on the ground, if you'll see the episode again you'll notice it.

Do you regret doing it?

Of course I do regret it. He provoked me, but I should've controlled myself. But, in the heat of the moment I did some things which shouldn't have happened. See, I'm not a robot, i'm a human being and it's only human to have such reactions. It shows that I'm a real person.

How different was Bigg Boss Marathi than Bigg Boss Hindi?

Bigg Boss Marathi was far different than the Hindi one, because it was the first season in Marathi and it was more real there. Here in Hindi, people have seen previous seasons and have done their homework, hence its calculative.

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