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#BB12: Captaincy Task CANCELLED after Saba and Srishty get physical during the task!

Here's how everything transpired during the task.


Getting physical' seems to be the go to mantra for the Bigg Boss 12 commoners during tasks.

Only during the last task, Surbhi Rana got violent with Srishty Rode during the jailors' and qaidis' task. The task was halted for a while but resumed after Surbhi came up to Srishty and apologised.

At the end of the task, Srishty and Saba were left standing to contest in the captaincy task.

However, that too turned out to be another disaster.

The task was supposed to be that Saba and Srishty would first have to collect metal plates from the housemates and then place their with their names on a board in the garden area. However, they had the liberty to erase their opponent's name from one plate and write theirs.

However, things get ugly when Saba not only uses force to stop Srishty from erasing her name, but also ends up pushing her down. Srishty loses her temper and takes off her mike, while Dipika Kakar tries to control Srishty.

Srishty then storms off and locks herself in the bathroom, where Karanvir Bohra, Saurabh and then Neha Pendse are seen trying to pacify her. But the lady seems to be in no mood to listen.

We also hear that this will lead to the captaincy task getting cancelled.

Will Bigg Boss punish Saba for her act tonight?

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Meridipukakar 2018-10-14T09:36:15Z Dipika Kakar u rock in the Bigg Boss house
thelastsuspect 2018-10-11T06:46:41Z Dipika Kakar deserves to be captain
Dipika didn't see when Saba pushed srishty. So she made her justification. Bb is trying to make everyone go against dipika but as always it fails.2018-10-11 16:46:31
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