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BB 16: Salman Khan questions & slams Tina Datta & Shalin Bhanot's changing bond; MC Stan & Archana too

Host Salman Khan not only questions but slams Datta for her actions. He literally asks her what game is she playing and with whom.

Published: Thursday,Jan 05, 2023 23:56 PM GMT-07:00
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Bigg Boss 16

With so much happening in this past week, it was always expected that that an array of those issues will be highlighted in the upcoming Weekend Ka Vaar. One of the biggest talking points was the way Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot are with each other and their questionable twists and turns in their bond time and again. In the MC Stan concert episode, everybody was surprised to see after literally having a fight just before the concert began to then close dancing with each other throughout.

Following this, the housemates were even seen mocking and will once again be questioning in a task that happens on Weekend Ka Vaar. But the highlight comes in when host Salman Khan not only questions but slams Datta for her actions. He literally asks her what game is she playing and with whom. When Datta mentions that nothing can happen between her and Bhanot, Khan further questions the very same thing about being in a fight and dancing with each other the next moment. He asks if she felt there was no one worthy to be dancing apart from him?

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Bhanot will budge in and ask Khan to not go hard on her which will also be taken care of by Khan. On a parallel note, the biggest overall talking point inside the house was the huge fight between MC Stan and Archana Gautam. While Bigg Boss slammed them in his own way, Khan will mention how it seems the two have absolutely crossed all limits of getting into a fight where they cannot stop hurling abuses at their respective mothers and fathers. Khan also asks Stan as to who he feels is wrong, to which Stan says that he cannot be quiet if Gautam tells it first. He also says that if this is the way Gautam wants to be he is opening the door for her to get out.

And finally, a small clip of the growing issue between Bhanot and Priyanka Choudhary will be shown where the former would be eating in the room and some issue with lead to the two fighting following which Bhanot will literally get up and go away while slamming her.

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Cinesoda 2 months ago Yes we really should take on board Saint Salman’s moral hectoring of others. After all this isn’t someone who murdered an endangered species of animal or physically harmed his previous girlfriends. Hahahahah - good luck to those who think he should be a moral voice for anything
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