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Barun Sobti on being away from TV: My problem is the formatting of the show

When Barun Sobti was quizzed about what has kept him away from television, the actor had a rather insightful answer to give.

Barun Sobti

The webspace has provided room for actors to explore various genres while also work on their acting and create some of the finest shows and films for the digital platforms. Actor Barun Sobti, who has been currently busy with work on the webspace and also films, has been away from television for a while now. However, the actor feels that the formatting of the shows is where the problem lies.

Ask him what has kept him away from television, and the actor quips, ''The problem with TV is that if one goes onto doing TV, they end up doing that all their life. If it goes on for two long years, then you end up doing the same thing for that time and my problem is the formatting of the show and if it changes to once a week of all shows from all shows every day, the content will become very amazing and I would love to have an opportunity on television with good content.''

The content will become very amazing and I would love to have an opportunity on television with good content.

- Barun Sobti

The actor's latest release, Halahal, is an Eros Now original which co-stars Sachin Khedekar and narrates the story of a father fighting for justice. Barun plays the role of a cop, however, this is something different from what we have seen him do, and in fact, the actor did admit that it turned out to be a bit of a challenge. None the less, the film has received rave reviews.

Wha do you think about Barun's point of view? Drop your comments in the section below.


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SamW92 24 days ago In my opinion, shows with different formats can co-exist. Say for example, mon-fri shows can be there along with the finite shows. I think the finite shows can slot well in the weekends (Sat/Sun). Alternatively, there can be designated slots in weekdays for finite shows. But I'm against making all shows finite. But I'm on for different formats shows co-existing. Also audiences need to know which shows/slots are finite/non-finite.
smiley13 24 days ago I'm really happy Barun is getting good work in web, he really has great potential in him. What he told about the tv industry is so true when a show starts it never ends this formatting needs to change....I really hope someone brings a change to the tv formatting. We just need one hit finite show and there will be other ppl trying it.
MeeraHaider 25 days ago Barun turned out to be a real COP. A real live person. I couldn't speak when the movie ended
xNandix 25 days ago He is right. This is what I have been saying too. The main problem with Indian tv shows is they don’t have a definite end. Most serials go on and on until the story and characters are completely ruined. The day Indian tv starts making finite shows with proper content will be a revolution for the industry. Just look at Korean dramas, they have become so popular because they have limited episodes and keep bringing in new concepts. Also I agree that shows should be aired once or twice a week not daily.
Neonholic 25 days ago I completely agree with him. ITV's format need a change and this is the reason why storylines aren't crispy & trps aren't blockbuster. Once/twice/thrice a week show can work very well here. Hopefully that day will come sooner.
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