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Barun and I are the biggest pranksters on the sets- Akshay Dogra

I have done what most men in love do – Write poetry, immerse myself in literature - Akshay Dogra

Published: Saturday,Mar 31, 2012 17:01 PM GMT-06:00
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He has enthralled the audience with his subtle depiction of 'Akash Singh Raizada' and has earned every bit of accolade that is coming his way. We caught up with Akshay Dogra a.k.a Akash Singh Raizada of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? to decipher what makes him tick:

Akash Singh Raizada is a very subdued and an introvert character, what prompted you to take it up?
I agree he is an introvert but I'm not sure about the word subdued. He plays a good boy but also he is an upright individual. The colors of his character have not been on display. So far, his involvement has only been in situations that do not directly involve him.

Khushi and Arnav were instrumental in bringing Payal and Akash together, will you and Payal be essaying similar roles in bringing Arshi love story back on track?
I'm not too sure if I'm not the right person to answer this question. You should have a word with the creative directors. All our characters are well etched out and their shades will be revealed in a bigger way. Akash has always stood up for Khushi, be it subtly and I'm sure he will do that in future as well.

Barun and you share a fantastic chemistry and it was very evident at SPA 2012, how is the camaraderie?
Barun is fantastic. He is like a long lost brother that I found on the sets of IPKKND (Laughs). It is so easy to connect with him. We are the pranksters on the set.

We have read that you dreamt of being an engineer?
I would not exactly call it a dream. My dad has a manufacturing unit, so it was taken for granted that I would pick up engineering line.

What is your courtship story? Is it as exciting as Barun Sobti's story?
More or less. That, I believe is one more reason why we (Barun and I) connect so well. Sakshi and I became friends and courted for six years. We met in the commerce section when I was in 11th Grade. I took up poetry, immersed myself in Literature, listened to music – all the things that most men in love do. Sakshi's father met me when I was a nobody but thankfully he said I was a good guy and that she should hang on to me. God, Bless him for that! I cannot do without her (Laughs).

How has the acting journey been? Any bumps along the road?
Acting did not happen overnight. I have been in the industry since 2002. I was an Assistant Director (AD). Acting happened only six years later in 2008. So, it has been a long journey !

You shoot round the clock, what do you do on an off day?
Do nothing! I try and watch movies or a lot of American Serials like Lie to me , 24. I'm into science fiction, so any show in that genre and I'm hooked. I'm fond of writing and have recently started dedicated time to it.

You have your share of fan following, what's the weirdest thing that ever happened to you with a fan?
I was in Delhi and I was at a Mobile Store to pick something for my sister-in-law. I was walking out, when this woman walks in with her husband and a kid. She stares at me for a few seconds and finally says –'Aapko kahin dekha hai' and we are having this conversation at the door, so the exit is essentially blocked for me. I replied may be on television. She says – 'Reveal your identity' and then screamed 'He is Akash Singh Raizada'. By then, pretty much everyone in the store had heard her. The salesman and the store manager came forward to shake hands with me purely out of obligation. It was mortifying!

Any other show you follow or a character that you would love to play?
I commenced my acting career with 'Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' where I played Rohan, a happy go lucky creative director in an advertising agency. I would love to play that character again.  'Angry young man' role also excites me.

All we want to say to him is that he is a doing a fine job portraying Akash Singh Raizada and it would not be long before he will be flooded with offers of playing 'Angry young man'!

We wish him all the best for his future endeavors!

Reporter and Author: Medha Devandramita

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