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Barring A Few Scenes, 'Bhaukaal' is A 'Criminal Wastage' of Time!

Bhaukaal as a crime drama is just another ten-episodic series depicting bloodbath in Muzaffarnagar. Mohit Raina as Naveen Sikhera tries to fill in the loopholes with his stellar performance but could not do so...


Director- Jatin Vaghle

Cast- Mohit Raina, Abhimanyu Singh, Siddhanth Kapoor, Bidita Bag, Sunny Hinduja, Rashmi Rajput, Pradeep Nagar and Gulki Joshi.

People lying in the pool of blood, begging to just let them live, living in fear every single day and no authority over the criminals- this is the scenario of the crime capital of North India, Muzaffarnagar. Things take a turn when the city welcomes a new upright IPS officer Naveen Sikhera (played by Mohit Raina) whose main motive is to let the people of Muzaffarnagar feel safe in their own homes. 

Mohit Raina’s portrayal of an army officer in his Bollywood debut, Uri clearly left the audience to see more of him and Bhaukaal gives him the canvas. Mohit’s character as an SSP officer who is determined to make Muzaffarnagar crime free stood out in the otherwise predictable crime drama. 

The character of Abhimanyu Singh who played the role of Shaukeen, someone whom you can consider the crime king in the series failed at many levels. The plot was meant to depict that the city fears the Shaukeen gang but the way Shaukeen’s character unfolds in the episodes it feels as Abhimanyu could not do justice to the power and dominance, his character is supposed to hold.

The plot of the series is indeed weak since the entire ten-episodic crime drama is all about how the crime capital of North India, Shaukeen and Dedha brothers. It becomes monotonous after viewing the shootouts in the city, people crying over losing their loved ones and Shaukeen V/S Dedha Brothers in nearly every other episode. 

OTT platforms have earlier shown crime dramas, like Mirzapur but what made the drama interesting was the characterisation of  Pankaj Tripathi, Vikrant Massey, Rasika Duggal and Shweta Tripathi.  Better portrayal of characters in Bhaukaal would have certainly saved the ship that has already drowned owing to weak plot and weak characters as well.

Rating:- 2/5

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Mohit Raina Abhimanyu Singh

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