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Balraj Syal: I Think It's Right Time For me to Get Married!

In an exclusive conversation Balraj Syal, spoke to us about taking up Colors TV show Mujhse Shaadi karoge, things he likes about Shehnaz Gill, Bigg Boss 13, Sidnaaz equation and much more...


Balraj Syal who will soon be seen in Colors TV reality show Khatron Ke Khiladi  also entered as a contestant in Shehnaz Gill's swayamvar in the show Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. In an exclusive conversation, Balraj Syal spoke to us about taking up Colors TV show Mujhse Shaadi karoge, things he likes about Shehnaz Gill, Bigg Boss 13, Sidnaaz equation and much more...

First of all, congratulations for two back to back reality shows, first Khatron Ke Khiladi and now Mujhse Shaadi Karoge. What prompted you to take up the latter?

I think its right time to get married.  I have had a lot of fun being single. I think its time to start building a home. Generally when you get married, you take a little break or a little holiday. Here, people are also watching you regularly and your journey towards marriage is also going on. So this was very interesting. 

As we know this is Shehnaz Gill’s swayamvar, so did you ever follow Bigg Boss 13?

I didn’t follow the show very religiously because we were busy in work and our work timings is also very odd. But yes ,I have watched it on and off. I did understand that Shehnaz is the biggest entertainer in the house and people call me entertainer as well. So I think when both the entertainer will meet, it will be good for us and for the audience as well. 

 What are like Top 3 qualities that you love about Shehnaz?

I feel that she always says the truth. She has remained the same right from Day 1 to Day 140. No one can fake things for such a long time. If she felt anything for Sidharth, then she said it openly. So I think she has a very clear image in her mind and I will get 3 months of time to get to know her. 

She is also Punjabi, we’ll cook one type of food in the house, because of this even the expense will go down and so will the tension. We share the same mother tongue so if I say anything in anger, she will understand my feelings that he is a Punjabi and he says things like that.  So we won’t have to think and then do things, we will be able to connect very organically. 

As we all know, Sidharth and Shehnaz’ bond is well known and it became extremely famous in the show. Fans have also given them the name of Sidnaaz, your take on their relationship?

See I always believe that if people have given them this tag then something positive is there. There is nothing negative or fake in that and they both look good together. Even Sidharth was there when I went with my garland of flowers for Shehnaz and it is good, there should be the friendship. 

Getting friends in life is really difficult and if they have such friends then it is very good. Now, I already have a person to whom I can say and ask that brother, how do I handle her. There is a person to whom I can complain that see she is troubling me, you make her understand. Generally, girls have girl best friends and then they don’t listen to guys but here it will be easy for me as he is a guy. 

Do you think Shehnaz will flip in this show as well in the end?

See, habits don’t really go that easily. Every person in their life improves, if you talk about flip then there is one negative thing and one positive thing about it. Like if there was something wrong in life and you flipped and corrected it. So this is a 50-50 situation, it is a half glass empty, half glass full situation. 

I heard it from people that she flips and I trust these things which I have heard very less. I am going inside, I will watch how she flips, for what reasons she does it. How will I handle her flips positively and how I will stop her from doing that, I will have to experience it to see if it is genuinely that bad as how people portray it. Other than this, every person have their own weaknesses and no one is perfect. If there are 99 good things and one bad thing then you cannot ignore those 99 things for that one thing. 

We will now see you performing various tasks in Khatron ke Khiladi, even here you will be seen performing several task to impress Shehnaz. So how much did those tasks helped you in this show?

There is a huge difference between Khatron Ke Khiladi and this show. This is a relationship, along with the show it is also a platform to find your soulmate. 

When we went to Khatron Ke Khiladi I wanted to win the trophy. Here it is like there is a girl, I like her, she likes me so she wanted to enter the house with me. 

But now because I have done two reality shows back to back, somewhere you are able to understand the mindset of the show. One thing which helped me is that when I went in the Bigg Boss house to promote Khatron Ke Khiladi, they had to perform various tasks which she didn’t, she ran away so I performed the task for her. So the start was great. Whatever she cannot do, I did it on her behalf. We can do such things in the house as well. 

How do you think that amongst the rest of the contestants, how will you get an upper hand in the show?

See I feel that I am different than other contestants because maybe I am not facing the camera for the first time. So I won’t be desperate for footage in the show. 

I have not signed the show because I like being in front of Television, I am already seen on Television and I will also be seen in Colors’ one of the biggest reality show Fear Factor alongside. 

So my mind will be more balanced because I have been exposed to Television from past 5-6 years. I have not said that I have a lot of money and I want to get married, I have always said that I am an entertainer and I want an entertainer. So in that way, I have a slight upper hand.

Which new side of Balraj, we will get to see in the show?

 I won’t be able to tell you how will I react in such situation but I hope whatever you get to see is good. 

So lastly, as per the fans because you and Jasleen are the most known faces, it is said that you both will win the show? What is your take on that?

I don’t know, if fans want such a thing then I am just hoping for it to happen. Nothing will be better than this. I think this is the love of fans, they must have seen our strengths.  So I take this positively. 

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