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Ayesha Singh of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin: I have evolved as an actor tremendously

Ayesha Singh spoke to India Forums about how she has evolved as an actor during her time on Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin and here's what she said.

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Ayesha Singh

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin actress Ayesha Singh has been receiving a lot of love for her role of Sai in the show. With everything that has been happening on the show, she sure has come a long way and fans keep praising her from time to time. She spoke to India Forums about how she has evolved as an actor during her time on Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin

She spoke to India Forums and told us, ''I have evolved as an actor tremendously, there is so much that I have learnt, every day we are doing something new, we are exploring new emotions, we are doing huge scenes, and there are so many different characters, and relationships, and different bonds, and as an actor it is important to grow emotionally, and evolve emotionally, to be of a liberal mindset. Even the character is like that, so if you evolve as a person, and not as an artist, I am evolving every day, but I have started to grow a lot and there is a huge amount of scope to grow for all the artists, because that will never stop, as you keep learning and experience new emotions, relationships.''

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She adds, ''There are a set of emotions like sad, happy, anger, but they are very complex when they are mixed together, you can experience hate and love at the same time, or love and disappointing at the same time, and these combinations come when such situations happen, and they keep happening every day because there are so many relationships that the show offers. There are so many undercurrents happening in the scenes and that helps you grow as an artist, because you experience so much every day, so it helps you grow.''

Meanwhile, the show has been witnessing a lot of drama and up ahead, we will see how Sai takes a big decision but if or not it will come through is what continues to be a mystery for now.

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Devikadish 17 days ago Such a sweetheart she is. I hope she grows and improves as an actor. She deserves all the love she is getting
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G1203647 18 days ago This content is hidden.
AninditaB 20 days ago Her articles are always endearing to read. I hope she performs better, she has a long way to go. I hope she improves her dialogue delivery, as this is only the department she has been lacking for a long time. Otherwise she's really growing as a good actress.
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Lavi_dovey 21 days ago She is doing really good. A good professional actor who keeps herself away from toxicity of her show and actors. But she have miles to cover as an actor.
Her dialogue delivery needs heavy improvement, specially in passive agressive scene. She lacks in acting department there. But she is still on learning curve and doing better than her initial days.

Hope she finds some co-actors, shows, environment where she actually learns something from them and becomes a better actor.
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linakusharberry 21 days ago she is just doing an amazing job as sai , wish u good luck ayesha may you touch new heights of success
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asmi_joya 21 days ago Ayesha Singh...Only reason for tolerating the toxicity and the CRAPFEST called Ghum hai kisi ke pyaar mei.
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sakura123 21 days ago A big fan of her humbleness and down to earth gestures. Keep it up Ayesha Singh( Sai Kamal Joshi).
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Weekend_firefly 21 days ago Nothing else just love to her. She is definitely growing, a very proffestional celeb. I really wish she gets more n more projects to do
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Shaome 21 days ago Her growth is certainly remarkable..
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Khyati55 22 days ago I don't know why but whenever I come across any of her interviews, her way answering the questions in simplest yet elegant manner makes me fall for her more and more. It's true that she had come across a long way and doing better day by day. #AyeshaSingh. #WeLoveAyeshaSingh.
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