Avinash and Rubina battle it out again....

The tale continues, as Avinash Sachdev and Rubina Dilaik of Choti Bahu fame continue to deny that they are in a relationship...

The buzz in the industry circle is that ever since Avinash Sachdev and Rubina Dilaik joined together to be part of Zee TV's Choti Bahu, they have been extremely fond of each other. Their closeness in real life has been felt by the unit members and the people very close to them.

The news in many of the leading tabloids today is that the duo is all set to tie the knot in real very soon!!

According to our source, "It is very evident that Avinash and Rubina are seeing each other. However, what surprises us is their decision to get united so soon".

However, Avinash and Rubina have been vehemently refusing this for a long time now, and today's instance is not different at all.

We called up Avinash and categorically asked him whether he is getting wedded to Rubina for real. His reply was like this, "Yes, it is true that we both are getting married in the show".

On the tabloid reports that have been talking about their real-life marriage, he says, "They have got the entire thing wrong. They might have wanted to talk about Dev and Radhika's wedding in the show. That's it".

Ask him about his relationship with Rubina, and he says, "We are very good friends. We have a very good professional relationship and there is nothing beyond it".

On marriage, he quips, "I cannot think of marriage for another three years. I want to concentrate on my career". Ask him whether Rubina will be his perfect match after three years, and pat comes the answer "Well, as of now, there is nothing like it. But if there is anything in the future, we will surely tell you".

The lady in question, Rubina Dilaik on her part told us, "It's just a misconception. But we are not at all shocked, as this rumor has been doing rounds for many months now. However, I would like to clarify that we are getting married on screen in the show Chhoti Bahu, and there is nothing more to it. The very fact that we have a good on screen chemistry is simply providing ground for people to talk of our off screen relationship. We are in fact going to get in touch with the channel to know more on who has given this misleading news to the tabloids".

However, our source insists that, "Though the news of them getting married might be too premature, they surely are seeing each other".

Well, all we can say at the moment is that, all is fair in love….

Reporter: Ranjini Nair, Srividya Rajesh
Author: Srividya Rajesh

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Avinash Sachdev you are the best stay happy and blessed

5 years ago

Missing you
Missing you Avinash Sachdev

5 years ago

Avinash Sachdev wishing you were coming soon in a new show

5 years ago

Avinash Sachdev you are an amazing actor and miss you

5 years ago

Loved you as Drv a lot Avinash Sachdev loved you on all the roles you have played Avi

5 years ago

Hey Avinash Sachdev where are you??
Come back soon!!!!

5 years ago

Avinash Sachdev when will we see you again performing ?????

5 years ago

i don' t know about real life but at least for ur fans,lovely lovely fans,this jodi should be maintained onscreen

13 years ago

we all fans hope dat u guys really get married

13 years ago

IF you are both together in real life too,then i will so happy

13 years ago

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