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Ashish Kapoor talks on 'Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage'.

Tellybuzz in talks with Ashish Kappor on his new daily soap 'Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage'.

The charming and talented Ashish Kapoor, the fame of the daily soap Dekha Ek Khwaab, talks on his new coming daily soap 'Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage'.

Tell us about your character in the new daily soap 'Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage'.?
My character's name is Sahil, who is an extrovert and fun loving boy, the youngest in the family and does only what he wants to and believes in Love Marriages rather than Arrange marriages.

Why Love Marriage and not Arrange Marriage?
In love marriage you have an advantage of knowing your partner well, you understand each other wherein Arrange marriage you don't get that advantage.

How are you feeling: shifting from 'Dekha Ek Khwaab' to now 'Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage'?
Honestly speaking it is a bit awkward feeling shifting from my daily soap Dekha Ek Khwaab because this show has been my first show and many memories struck with it. But definitely with time it will be all fine because Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage is also a very amazing concept to work on.

Are you going to miss the daily soap 'Dekha Ek Khwaab'?
Yes I will miss it a lot, it has been a great show and I am too attached to that show. It was amazing working with the entire cast and production.

What are your expectation from 'Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage'?
Well it is a very innovative and creative concept and hopes are on to it that it will do great on television.

How are you feeling being a part of sphere origins?
I am feeling really great. I am very excited and happy that now I am getting a chance to work with sphere origins.

Are you a workaholic? In sense not even a break between two show's. One ends and the other starts? Are you missing the break which could have had been in between?
Yes very right every one needs a break, but eventually I don't now. I am very keen for working now, and when you get such good daily soaps then why not[smiles].

How is it working with Sony Television Entertainment once again?
Sony is a great channel to work with. I am honored that Sony TV has given me a chance to come back again on the same channel on the same time sloght with my new soap.

A quote for your fans?
I am very thankful to them, today what I am is all because of you all and I mean it whole heartily, I am trying to work more hard so that I can live up to my fans expectations from me. Thank you for your love and support.

Reporter and Author: Krishma Solanki.


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Ekra-Meer 7 years ago This guy acts awesome!!! I hope the trps also increas eventualy... :)
aliaz_786 8 years ago love yuu ashu!!!!!! keep up the best work!!!!
Ashu21 8 years ago Ashish Kapoor u r the best! Keep Rocking as Sahil!
Pooja_0910 8 years ago I'm loving ur work...u r superb as Sahil...great job...keep rocking
gaga00 8 years ago he is so handsome.. loved him in DEK as prince Udaybir
only4ashish 8 years ago AK...u r the best
love u loads...
gud luck to whole team of lmyam
Bella-Edward 8 years ago hi prince saw you today on da show n liked your character
Prattu 8 years ago u r so ramntic in ur acting ashish and i just love it
saraamer74 8 years ago ashu u r always right!!!! i'm always with u !!! stay blessed and happy1!
coolak 8 years ago Wow ashish kapoor you totally rocks. Love your acting. Good luck for your new show :)
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