Aryan (SRK's son) has reason to rejoice

Shah Rukh Khan's ardent wish to do at one big FX-driven film is coming true...

Shah Rukh Khan's ardent wish to do at one big FX-driven film is coming true. Actually, SRK wanted to do big FX-driven film so that his son can embrace him as the "Desi" Spiderman. So now, Aryan has reason to rejoice.

Work is on to start India's most spectacular FX film to be directed by Anubhav (Dus) Sinha. Though Anubhav refuses to comment on the progress of this epic project it's reliably learnt that the film is to be titled Ra.One. And the title was suggested by Shah Rukh Khan himself.

In fact Shah Rukh is taking very very keen interest in the scripting of Ra.One. Its is even heard that  the director Anubhav Sinha would like Shah Rukh to be credited as a screenwriter for the project, if and when SRK's production house Red Chillies actually sets down to make this ambitious sci-fi thriller.

As things stand Ra.One will be Shah Rukh's first and only fantasy-driven film.
Now Shah Rukh will complete Karan's film. Only then will he think of the FX film with Anubhav.

So are you guy ready to replace Hollywood's famous Peter Parker; Tobey Maguire, with our "Desi Spider Man", Shahrukh Khan.?? Or do you think the Desi Spidi will suffer like the bad black Spider..? Do comment...

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