Aruna Irani and Longinus to judge Saas V/s Bahu...

The ultimate clash of Saas and Bahu on Sahara One will be judged by Aruna Irani and Jhalak Dikh La Jaa fame choreographer, Longinus.. Also get an insight on the unique concept of the show right here...

She has played the powerful mother in many a Bollywood flicks as well as television shows, and after going on to produce popular soaps on television, Aruna Irani is now on the judges’ chair in Saas Vs Bahu on Sahara One. With the well known actor turned producer will be seen the famous choreographer Longinus, who partnered Shweta Salve in Jhalak Dikh La Jaa. Longinus has choreographed for Saawariya, the current blockbuster Jane Tu Ya Jane Na and many other Bollywood movies.

Our well-placed source informs us, “Longinus and Arunaji will be judging the show. Also, Longinus will be supervising the dance and his entire team will be training the saas bahus”. To confirm this news, we also spoke to Longinus who remained tight lipped and said, “I have been approached but can’t divulge details”.

Eager to know about the concept of this first daily reality show we spoke to yet another khabroo who gave us this mind blowing concept , “The show will see three pairs of Saas-Bahus per week i.e. from Monday – Thursday, wherein each day these three pairs will be doing something different.

The concept is as follows:

Monday will see the 3 saas and 3 Bahus dance introducing themselves.

On Tuesday, the saas and bahus will get a reel life guest on to the sets and this guest will be performing alone. This performance acts as a Lifeline. Giving a hypothetical example, if A, the participant (either Saas/Bahu) brings B as the guest, the person will perform alone and the marks got by B will be awarded to A. 

Wednesday will see the Saas and the Bahus dancing with their respective reel life guest. So it is basically the guest and Saas / Bahu dancing.

Thursday will witness real drama, the face-off between the Saas and the Bahu where they have a jugalbandi which will be followed by the eliminations!

On the manner in which elimination process takes place, our source adds, “All the marks of the 3 saas will totaled up and in the same way, the combined marks of all the bahus will be taken. The team with the highest points (either Saas or Bahu) will stay while the other 3 will be eliminated. So this pattern will follow for 5 weeks wherein 3 sets of saas-bahu will show their jalwa every week!!”.  

Reporter and Author: Binita Ramchandani

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It is a outstanding movie and i loved this movie and if you are a fan of Hrithik Roshan then you must go and watch it.

6 years ago

it's nice historical movie. go and watch.

8 years ago

movie is aish and hrithik..they make a gud couple..lov them..

15 years ago

this was a gr8 movie!
a must see !
sometimes i don't like watching historical movies, but this one was good. it didn't even feel like 3 hrs & 20 min long.

16 years ago

Havent seen the movie yet so cant comment on the story. I will be watching the movie mainly for Hrithik-Aish, the current best onscreen pair according to me.

16 years ago

I guess the only way they can get the crowds in is to shorten it. The movie drags. I enjoyed it for the grand sets and jewellery and clothes - but the rest of audience was bored and laughing - my poor little kid just wanted out - its first time i've seen such a negative reaction to a movie from him - and Hrithik is his hero.

16 years ago

i agree......................JA is a movie definetly worth watching................n i luved hrithik in the film.............he rocks

16 years ago

all those who haven't watched the movie, go n watch it NOW!!! its a really nice movie...
n gals if u wanna see Hirthik shirtless go watch JA its a scene worth dieing for

16 years ago


thanks for this

on tc, they is an article on the list of the contestants

juhi and rita badhuri name is also there

hope they take part

all the best to all of them


15 years ago

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