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Arti Singh: Asim Never Poked Me!

Arti Singh in an exclusive interview revealed that Asim never poked her and also stated that he was very practical and sensible in the game...


Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arti Singh who was initially questioned for her weak game and confused attitude proved to be a real underdog in the game. She claimed a spot in the Top 5 of the show and is also said to be one of the most dignified contestants of the game. 

In an recent interview with us, Arti spoke about her game, how she won the respect of the fans and much more. 

Arti said, “I had this clean thing in the house which I maintained from the start that if I am not poking you then you shouldn’t poke me as well. I am not crossing the line with you but you please cross the line because even if you do, I wouldn’t be able to do it. So, you will only feel embarrassed about it. So save your own dignity because if you abuse me and I won't give it back, then you will lose your own respect.”

She further added that, “The housemates never poked me. Asim never did that to me and a lot of people did not do that to me.”

We asked her about her statement to Asim where she told him that his game is very strong considering he didn’t let emotions come in the way.

 To this she said, “He showed emotions towards me, he gave the letter to me in the task. With me, he was still emotional but Asim was in the game man, for him it was game. Hats off to that guy that he never fell apart in the game. He had this huge hunger to do something and he did it.” 

She added, “He knew that no one in the game is your own. He knew that you wouldn’t even know when anyone will backstab you in the house. So I think he was very practical and sensible about that.”

Watch the entire video below:

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