Arjit Taneja reveals what kind of life partner he wants by his side

Arjit Taneja shared how he would like to have someone with the qualities of Amruta as his real-life partner.

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Arjit Taneja

Zee TV’s recently launched show, Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye is fast catching on, showcasing an impossible love story between two contrasting characters  – an optimistic Maharashtrian mulgi of modest means who believes in working on one’s marriage after finding a suitable partner – Amruta (played by Sriti Jha) and a worldy-wise, Delhi-based Punjabi Munda Virat (Arjit Taneja) who has lost faith in the sanctity of the institution, taking most women to be gold-diggers. 

While Virat and Amruta’s friendship is at a nascent stage, their fans have been raving about their cute l’il exchanges and adorable nok-jhok. With each passing episode, viewers have been eagerly awaiting the union of their favourite on-screen Jodi. Interestingly, Arjit shared how he would like to have someone with the qualities of Amruta as his real-life partner. When he envisions settling down, he imagines it with someone like Amruta, who is practical, has an original thought process and offers a rejuvenating view of things. He stresses the significance of a life partner who maintains a positive mindset in adversity and infuses joy and brightness into one's life.

Arjit said, “When I think of settling down, it’ll have to be someone like Amruta – someone whose presence elevates every moment, someone whose perspective adds depth to my life, and someone whose refreshing take on things makes each moment memorable. Sriti in many ways fabulously adds to the depth and authenticity of Amruta’s character. I appreciate how Amruta doesn't lose her sense of humour when life gets rough. It takes someone like that to remind you that there's light at the end of the tunnel. Special compliments to the writers who've developed this character so well"

Well, Sriti's impressive portrayal of Amruta has captivated audiences with her nuanced performance and resilience in challenging situations. As viewers eagerly follow Virat and Amruta's story, Arjit Taneja's playful remarks add charm to the narrative. The unfolding on-screen chemistry promises to become even more intriguing, keeping viewers eagerly anticipating what will happen next.

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