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April Fools day: Celebs share their prankster moments

From pranks on sets to false casting calls, these celebrities share April Fools memories

Published: Friday,Apr 01, 2022 07:36 AM GMT-06:00
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From pranks on sets to false casting calls, these celebrities share April Fools memories

Sharad Malhotra

When I was in college, and DDLJ had released, one friend told me that I've booked the entire theatre for you and in the surprise he is getting the girl whom I've a crush on and I was very excited. And I wore my best clothes and went there to realise that housefull was written on it and it was 1st April.

Angad Hasija

Once in college, my friend told me that it's his birthday tomorrow so he is throwing a fancy party and he is taking only a few friends to a discotheque. We should wear good clothes and I went and bought jeans for that party and even bought a birthday gift for him. And reached the location to discover that it was shut for the day. And I called up my friend who told me April fool. And after that I didn't speak to him for a few days.

Jasmin Bhasin

When I was in school in Kota , my friend told me not to get tiffin as she would treat me to a special lunch. So i informed my mom that my friend is going to treat me and when i went to school the friend told me that she had forgotten to get the lunch box. She told me about April fools and  I was very hungry and was mad at her and I started crying. Then she hugged me and gave me a lunch box containing butter naan and kadai Chicken and she had even brought samosas for me from the school canteen.

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Ayush Anand

We just started shooting for our show Perfect Pati and the production team played a prank on us saying that show is going off air and it is the only show in the history of television industry to b going off air in a month’s time and we all were shocked..thankfully they told us quite early that it was a prank as some people were about to shed tears as they got so emotional.

Puja Agarwal

During my school days, my school friends knew I had a fear of snakes. I was the prefect of the school, my duty was to help fellow students with canteen accounts and food(in return I would get a free snack daily) . When I pulled out my snacks on 1st of April, my friends kept a snake (clay toy) in my snack. You can imagine my reaction. whole semester I was teased by "have a snake with a snack" (laughs)

Balraj Syal

I have never done an April Fools prank on anyone ever but I remember one prank that was played on me very well and I got upset as well when it happened. It happened in the very early days of my career when I started working in Punjab, at that time we did not even use to get money we just used to get travelling expenses, so there was no such source of income. So I get a call one day saying they are offering me a show and they want to meet me, they said the shoot will be starting next week and this is the budget, so I agreed to it. They asked me to meet and said they will give me the advance and they said they are leaving my city so before they go they will give me the money if I come on the bus stand, at that time as I said I didn’t even have the money to travel so I asked my friend for his help and I reached the bus stop. Once I reached, I called them up to ask them where they were, so they asked me to wait for 5 minutes, but that turned into 30 minutes of waiting. Then I called them again and then he told me who he was. I had a fan cum friend from Ambala, he was not even a close friend or anything as such and he said “Bhaiya ji April Fool”, I was really mad at that time I cannot even explain. I really felt like cursing but then I didn’t say anything and came back home.

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