Anupamaa: Toshu attempts to frame Anupama for a theft that he committed

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Anupama confronts Toshu, accusing him of theft and refuses to bail him out.

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Anupamaa: Anupama declines to bail Toshu out of jail for theft
Rupali Ganguly as Anupamaa from the show Anupamaa. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

The popular Star Plus serial "Anupamaa" recently took a significant leap forward in time, bringing about significant shifts in the storyline and cast. However, fans were left devastated by a surprising twist, as Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) and Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) experienced a heart-wrenching separation. 

The latest promo from Star Plus' official handle teases the upcoming developments in Anupamaa's storyline. It commences with Anupama reflecting on the essence of motherhood, stating that as long as a child holds onto their mother's finger while walking, she supports them at every step, teaching them to navigate life. But if a child commits wrongdoing, a mother bears the pain, even placing a stone on her chest to endure it.

Anupamaa New Promo's upcoming episode. Video Courtesy: Star Plus

Anupama confronts Toshu, accusing him of theft for which she's wrongly accused. Toshu, regretful and remorseful, pleads for her help, admitting to his grave mistake. However, Anupama, despite being his mother, refuses to bail him out. She asserts that her newfound strength prevents her from making such a significant sacrifice, even for her own son.

Current Storyline:

The story, up until now, has been about Shruti's struggle after the sudden loss of her parents, prompting Anupama and Anuj to step in and care for her. However, Vanraj and Baa bid farewell, while Anupama assists Anuj at the event despite a sprained foot. Anuj faces emotional turmoil as Aadhya questions his actions, reminding him of Shruti's kindness. Aadhya urges him to call Shruti, prompting Anuj to reflect on her suffering and his own struggles with emotions. Meanwhile, Anupama is taken aback by the unexpected appearance of Vanraj in America.

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Kya story hai .. Toshu deserved to be behind the bars ages ago .

1 months ago

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